US Airways adds non-stop from Boston


US Airways
is now taking reservations for a Saturday-only non-stop flight from
Boston to St. Thomas.  One-way fare was priced online at $369 for the
3-hour 50-minute flight the new route.  With a non-stop return, the
round trip ticket is $668 including taxes and fees.

The release from the Virgin Islands Department of Tourism
about the new service is fascinating.

  • Tourism is ‘dedicating’ (giving?) $25,000 to help the airline’s marketing of the new service.
  • DOT
    has ‘earmarked’ $1 million for TV ads from now ‘til December ‘with US
    as the call to action.” This means Tourism’s doing TV
    to promote the Territory and tagging each spot with a pitch for US Airways.
  • Tourism will sponsor a reception for travel agents and media in Boston in
    December to promote the service, ‘followed by a familiarization visit
    (!!) for a group of key US Airways travel agent suppliers and top-tier
    in early January 2010.”  No cost estimate was provided.

6 thoughts on “US Airways adds non-stop from Boston”

  1. Frank what you find “fascinating” is SOP for the DOT. People don’t realize how much money is given to the airlines, hotel chains, travel agents, etc. Every tourist board helps to manufacture demand with hard dollars.

  2. OUCH, that Red Sox remark hurt!
    I would think in this economy
    anyone who comes and spends green
    money would be welcome, even us
    “red sox” fans!

  3. I actually booked that flight for $189 one way when it came out in August so it WAS cheaper. It’s a short flight and gets in early-I just hope it’s on time!

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