Up, Up and Away!

Up, Up and Away!

Good Morning, Good Morning!  It is Monday at 8AM at our home on St. John and I am writing to all of you just as we are about to make a mad dash to the door and then the ferry and then the airport (hurry up and wait?) and then the connecting flight and then into downtown Denver!  We are taking a little off-season sabbatical to the states for family, friends, live music, great (inexpensive!) food and the chance to bust out some jeans and scarves in that “frigid” 60 degree weather 🙂  As much as I LOVE living here and calling this place home, a little time away from the Caribbean to rest and reset, enjoy some creature comforts and partake in  gigantic hugs from loved ones is always a necessity.  Too much of a good thing can still be too much right?

Up, Up and Away! 1
I will be missing these views and the salt air on my skin but leaving for a few weeks always makes me appreciate it even more when I get home!!

But, never fear!  I have eyes on the ground and have a whole beautiful lineup of really cool stories to share with you all over the next few weeks.  The beauty of relaxing at the homes of friends and loved ones is that I have time for a lot of research I have been meaning to get after.  So, be prepared for some history lessons and storytelling over the next little bit.   And a VERY exciting new release.  But, that’s a secret and I’ll let you know when we are there…Think board games 😉

In the meantime, I am actually taking one entire week off from ALL of my jobs for the first time in TWO YEARS!  And a very talented and creative friend of mine will be filling in and writing for me while I turn off my social media and shut down my laptop for a week.  Everyone, meet Katie!

Up, Up and Away! 2

Katie is living the dream I am sure a lot of you have had!  After visiting St. John several times, she took the leap of faith a year and a half ago and made the decision to try her hand at livin’ in Love City (and she’s killing it!).  You may recognize her beautiful face and bubbly personality from Cruz Bay Landing or Dave & Jerry’s Island Steakhouse.  You might have also spotted her singing some sweet acoustic tunes at the Landing or Lovango Rum Bar.  Katie is also responsible for cultivating the fresh greens and herbs at Love City Fresh, so you’ll get some interesting plant perspectives from her.  She’s multi-talented and is super excited to be taking on a new challenge later this week with News of St. John.  And I am super excited to welcome her aboard!  Fresh voices are always fun 🙂  We developed some awesome content for her to share and I hope you will all find it useful and entertaining.  I’m looking forward to reading it all myself.

Up, Up and Away! 3
See you at the beach in just a few weeks! – Follow along the first week in September for some beautiful photos and awesome stories from Katie!

Well, folks, I don’t want to miss our 3PM flight…For which we will be taking the 11AM Crown Bay ferry to get to the airport three hours early so we can miss the TSA/Customs hassles.  Wish us luck.  We have a quick layover in Orland on our way to Denver but I have contingency plans in place (always overprepare!) in case we end up making that pesky fuel stop in Puerto Rico.  Or, if the runway ends up with pothole delays again.  HA!  I’ll update you later this week, just before my real vacation begins, on how the airport goes.  I’m looking forward to grabbing a pate from Hibiscus Café and checking out that new bar in the duty free shop while we wait, probably for a few hours, for our flight.  Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. The weather is great here in Colorado currently. The BEST summer I’ve seen in years. Not too hot during the day and nice cool nights. Not much summer forest fire smoke either. It will be a nice get-a-way for you.

  2. Enjoy! Looking forward to Katie contributing. I like how you interjected your travel warnings and cautions in your own description of your travel plans:)

  3. I love reading your newsletters and it makes me feel close to St. John, which is always in my heart! so glad you do this letter, it brings sunshine and happiness.

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