Villa owner sick of rude guests

A comment by an angry and frustrated owner of a rental villa on St. John has generated more than a dozen responses at  at USVI On-Line, most from people who say that when they rent villas they try to leave them better than when the found them.

But the self-described owner of a $10,000/week property hasn’t seen too many of those kinds of guests.  "I’ve had things stolen over the years that you wouldn’t believe
including magnets, knick knacks, artwork, books and even an area rug!,"
he/she wrote.
"Would they treat their friends’ homes this way? Would they sit on nice
furniture while wet from the pool? Would they help themselves to any
expensive coffee table books that tickle their fancy? Would they bleach
all the guest towels with face cream and then claim it wasn’t them when
asked? Would they leave the stereo in the rain and then pretend they

Replies have been sympathetic. "My wife insists on making the place better: scrubbing counter tops, shaking rugs, washing sheets and towels (refolding them, too), often buying small things to add to the owners’ collection of things,’ wrote "Dave." 

While one commenter seemed to doubt the veracity of the complaint, another said, "I, too, am sorry you’ve had some poopy guests, but doesn’t that sort of come with the territory?" Most other posts were on the side of the villa owner.  One said, "We certainly respect all of your furnishing and property and we are extremely grateful that you share your lovely homes with us."

7 thoughts on “Villa owner sick of rude guests”

  1. I’m sorry that you have had terrible experiences in the past.
    I’ve rented on St. John through Caribbean Villa and Catered To at a couple villa locations and I have always kept that home as if it were my own. The only thing the cleaning crew had to do when i left was the normal cleaning. Everything was left in it’s place. I do feel really bad because it’s so expensive owning a second home, but, needing to rent it out. I’ve always wanted to own on St. John, but, knowing I would have to rent it out. You put your heart and soul into something and people don’t care. The only advise I can give you is not to put the best of the best in your rental. As long as it’s clean and new but not big bucks no one will complain and well if they take it…what are you going to do~ And, what is a security deposit for? The villa companies should know what you have in your villa and an inventory should be taken before the next group rent. If something is missing then the prior renters should not get the deposit back.

  2. We’ve never had a problem renting on St. John and have always treated our rental villas as a home and taken good care of them. However, we’ve been on the receiving end of a overly sensitive owner in Hawaii. If you can’t stand the things that happen when you rent then you shouldn’t do it.

  3. It is unfortunate that this occured to your home. What about a credit card deposit from the renter? Is there a video/ digital inventory of the house? The rental I am sure is lovely , but it is a business. These things may happen and are a cost of doing business.

  4. As an annual renter (from Caribbean Villas), my family and I treat the home we rent there (same one every year) as our own home. From time to time I do find the evidence of past “bad” guests, and it really makes my blood boil. The home we rent is the place we dream about all year. Why would we mess it up?
    On another note, and also a worried one, I encountered quite a number of very rude tourists to St. John this past June. They all seemed to be of the ruder Texan/Deep Southern variety, and I found their behavior to St. Johnians to be absolutely awful. My oldest son witnessed a brawl incited by one of them in Cruz Bay that looked right out of the Dukes of Hazard. I was raised in the South myself, so my meter for sensing rednecks in the area is pretty sensitive.
    Are these rude people being attracted by the semi-resident country music celeb? Perhaps he could instill them with a bit more basic respect?

  5. We rented Drake’s View for 10 days the beginning of March, and acutally treated it better than our own home…we were so delighted with the home, we washed all linens, etc. before we left and made sure dishes were clean, garbage out everyday…hope were not included in the bad guests, as we hope to return soon to the island…

  6. we are looking for a long term rental on st. john’s, perhaps month to month…we build houses in new jersy and need a break to just relax wheneve anyone has a good rate for a month or two rental please let us know, we *(I mean the “wife” is available on shot notice with adult daughters to rent monthly and take care of the place…must have pool…thanks for any info anyone can provide..
    total mom and 4 daughters 17-30

  7. I lived on the island years ago and will be relocating back to the island with my husband and daughter Alyssa(age8). We now live in the Boston area. We are looking for a long term rental.. would love to speak to you further.
    So sorry you have had difficult experiences in the past.
    Gale, Ian and Alyssa

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