Two Barges Now Running

captain vic

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have great news on the barge front – we’re back to two barges running!

Love City Car Ferries sent out an email yesterday that stated both the Captain Vic (pictured above) and the Island Vic are now running again. According to the email, they are running their regular schedule between Cruz Bay and Red Hook.

barge schedule

And the Mister B. still sits at Enighed Pond… Good news: The Court issued an order yesterday stating they would schedule a hearing on Revere High Yield Fund’s motion to hold a sale of the vessel. When that will actually happen is anyone’s guess though. We will keep you posted folks.

5 thoughts on “Two Barges Now Running”

  1. This should be a wake up call for all on Saint John. This island use to be almost self contained and needs to be again. We use to have a operating landfill and a concrete plant on this island which needs to reopen. Almost every home on Saint John is is a million plus or near to it a million in value due to exclusive conditions of the island. Also the gas station in coral bay needs to reopen.

    Residents and tourist alike should never again have to see overflowing trash containers thats causes rodents to thrive. Worldwide the revenue from tourism in the USVI is more than most large countries because of its sheer beauty and safety amongst many other well known attributes. This island is a gift from God and we should not take it for granted. Have a blessed day!

    • Couldn’t agree more, Lisa. The dumpsters in Coral Bay are truly disgusting, but before we once again consider a landfill, we need to get serious about separating the categories that and up in it. Amen to reopening our gas station. And how about a small bank branch just for deposits and withdrawals?

  2. It sure beats having overflowing dumpsters and rampant rodents near homes. Ask yourself is proper to throw someone else’s garbage into some other islands backyard? or into the sea? What is your solution Hank? will you fix the ferry and garbage problem? and the overflowing dumpsters for residents and tourist alike? My family has been here on Saint John for over 170 years… what about yours???

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