Tuesday Update:

Tuesday Update: So much stuff is happening!! For starters, the officers from St. Croix are absolutely amazing!!! They are so kind. They are so helpful. I met the Chief of Police while walking my dog this morning. He spoke with me. He shook my hand. He was such a kind and caring man. There are so many police officers from St. Croix patrolling the streets that it’s simply unbelievable. Thank you so much!

Our streets are now secured. I hear relief workers are nervous to come because I told you on Sunday that I was scared. I am no longer scared. Help has arrived. And again, these officers are simply amazing. They will keep St. John safe. I am certain of that.

So my plea now to all of you is that if you can come and help with relief efforts and rebuilding, please come. We need you.

Again, thank you to all of you who have supported us. I cannot wait to read your comments and emails. I mean it when I say I truly love you all.

Today is going to be a good day.

Jenn xoxo

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  1. For those who can can come down and help- we need to coordinate with someone on the ground. Where would we stay? Is there anywhere that would host recovery workers? Hell I would bring my backpack and tent and start a tent city on the beach and work from there. We need more info on who what where and when! I know several young guys including myself that can and will head down to help we just need more specific info

  2. Jenn so glad help an security are arriving! Disasters bring out the best in humanity an unfortunately the worst. I live in a small community in Louisiana, 9000 out of 11000 homes flooded in August of 2016. We had some of the same problems. Then came the scammers who took people’s money and did not ever get the repair work done. The help and our community was amazing and St. John will be amazing too!!!! My family would love to come help somehow. We have had experience with gutting an rebuilding. Don’t know when they would let individuals on island? If you know of organized groups we could join please let us know. We were scheduled to stay at Grand Bay Oct 7 -14. But they have cancelled all reservations for 4 months. Witch I totally understand! We are fractional owners and dearly love St. John. At some point we would love to get to St. John to help not vacation! Logistically don’t know how to make that happen? Love your daily post, in good times and bad. You will have ups and downs in this long rebuilding process. Just hang on tight with your friends an charlie and you will be ok. I do trust Kenny Chesney’s wonderful efforts as well. If he would like to help other islands as well that is fine with me. His main focus will be ST. JOHN. Please let us know in the coming days weeks or months how we can get there to help

  3. Awesome to hear.

    The VI, especially St John was featured on three hours of MSNBC last night. Chris Hayes interviewed by phone Stacey Plakett, A representative of Florida was on with Chris after Stacey and said that Florida has needs, but nothing compared to the USVI. So at least some in Congress are starting to see the big picture. Rachel Maddow interviewed Gov. Mapp. The third hour “The last word” also discussed the islands and the recovery that is needed. It made me feel good that all of the contacting of our local representatives and contacting of the media is doing some good. Hope it continues!!

  4. it breaks my heart to read about the destruction and looting. We have visited St john 4 times, staying at the St. john Inn It was a relief to know that help has arrived. Please let us off islanders know what reliable fund we can contribute to so we can assist in recovery. Any word on the return of electricity?

  5. Good to hear. The news is only doing a slightly better job on covering the USVIs IMHO. Richard Branson is doing well with broadcasting the BVI plight. I am glad to know help arrived. Have you been able to see the ACC and discover what happened there?

  6. What GREAT news today! With law & order in place people will come and help.
    I’m trying to spread the word about the Love For Love City fund that has been set up for the islands- you need our help!

    Can’t wait to get back there!

  7. We are sending money now to aid in the relief effort and as soon as we hear when and where we can help we will make plans to come. Stay safe and know that many people are praying for you all!

  8. It’ been announced that the President will be visiting in the next few days. Leaving politics aside (please), this is good because the press is forced to cover the destruction which will hopefully lead to more donations & volunteers.

  9. Even from afar, my heart is with you Jenn, such a great woman!
    Your love and enthusiasm in this desperate time has made wonders and it’s an example for us all
    Maho Bay Camp has been a dear refuge in my repeat visits with my late husband Franco to the island. I know it’s no longer there, which has truly sadden me .
    I like to think of you as a bright light that shines in these dark times
    Keep shining dear Jenn
    Much love to you

  10. Jenn,
    So impressed with your effort to use your website and messages to secure and rebuild our favorite place in the world. I’ve always enjoyed your site, but now your my hero. Hang in there. Any advice about which organization is providing food, water, tarps, and shelter to you all, right now. I know rebuilding will be important, but today we want to support the agencies that are providing on the ground support.

  11. You have know idea how happy we are to hear about all the help you are getting. We love St. John, it is our home away from home and we have been absolutely sick in our stomach’s and heartbroken since we read your post on Sunday. We have a trip planned down there in March, but now all I can think about is getting down there as soon as we can to help with aid and cleanup. Love all of you!!

  12. Jenn and Media: please let us all know the following:
    1 – are ferries running from STT or anywhere else TO STJ (so we will know where to go and how to get to you guys).
    2 – is STT airport operational and accepting commercial flights? Or Puerto Rico?
    3 – are there places for volunteers to stay while they help?
    4 – is the icehouse/water on STJ up an running?
    ATTN MEDIA: if you are traveling to St. John and can take volunteers, please let us all know the details. I am a professional drone operator and can provide ample footage to document the destruction and recovery in USVI ([email protected]). I’m out the door tomorrow to help if we can coordinate for volunteers…

    • Hi there,

      I have been told there are TENTATIVE plans to reopen STT aiport on Saturday.
      There are no ferries that are running between STT and STJ until further notice. There is one ferry running between Tortola and Virgin Gorda, thats it. I had plans to be in the USVI next week for work, and have been told by multiple people not to come at the moment, as accomodation, food, electricity are all not prepared at the moment. Hope this helps.

  13. Hi, Jenn. Thanks so much for putting this together. Our family has been visiting St. John for 20+ years and we share the same affection for the island. It is a special place. I look forward to your daily updates and please be safe, Hopefully we can meet one day.

  14. I’m glad to hear things are improving (even though it is slow). I have a friend that lives there and your posts give me comfort that you are getting the help you need.

  15. I am so relieved to hear that things are improving for you and everyone on the islands! The devastation from the hurricane was bad enough without all of you having to live with the constant threat of criminals and thugs looting your community as well!!!! The post you wrote describing that situation broke my heart! So it is a relief to know that law enforcement is starting to restore law and order. As others have written in their comments, it would be good to know of reputable places to donate. Those of us who follow your blog really trust you, so if you recommend a fund we can donate to we’ll feel confidant that the money is being put to good use. Hang in there and thank you so much for all you do to keep all of us informed about St. John, in good times and in bad!

    -Robert Maxwell

    p.s.-I agree with you wholeheartedly that those who accused you of trying to spread panic in that earlier post should be deeply ashamed of themselves!!! Stay strong Jenn!!!

  16. Before the storm that shall not be named we booked a Thanksgiving vacation on STJ. We hope to keep that reservation and help in anyway we can. Will you let us know what entity or who will be coordinating volunteer efforts, what items we can bring, etc. Thank you

  17. All supporters of St John, here is the challenge. Donate $10.00 (or any amount you can/want) for each year you have visited, stayed on or lived in St John. Two funds that are working well are St John Rescue and Kenny Chesney’s “Love for Love City”.

  18. Jenn

    Thank you very much for the updates and for your candid remarks about your experience. St. John is such an amazing place. I know it will be beautiful again. Please keep the news coming. It is hard to get much in the way of news elsewhere right now.

    My family and I had planned a trip to Concordia at Christmas. I’m hoping that trip will still be a possibility – though they will have to completely rebuild. Not sure that is realistic. We would love to come down at help during that trip. I am also thinking about making another trip earlier if I can make it work so I can come for a week to help with cleanup and construction. I’ll keep watching here to see if there are notes and ideas about how people can come in to help.

    Thoughts are with you and everyone there.


  19. Jenn – thank you for keeping us all up to date on what is happening on the island. You are the best voice St. John could ever ask for.

    Like others posting, we want to help and would like to come down, but would need to know the logistics of such a visit. We have home in Fish Bay that I think is still standing, but not sure. But if we can stay at our house could we get out there by taxi? Not sure if the road is passable. Is there one group organizing groups of people that want to come down to help? Perhaps one of you next blogs can address this question. Thank you and stay strong. St. John needs you!

  20. So glad to hear your update. Can you tell us if it is possible to come help with the relief of cleaning up? We along with the others that have responded had reservations in a few weeks and would totally love to come work if it really is possible. STJ holds a special place in my heart and I would help any way I can.

  21. Hi Jenn – You are by default our ground rep. We hear reports indicating the Marines are on the ground. I served in the Corps and can assure you there is no group in the world more capable of getting things done. Try to locate a group of Marines and ask them to put you in contact with the “Gunny” then ask the Gunny to connect you with the company commander (probably a captain). This is how the military works.

    Getting to the company commander puts you high into the chain of command where you can discuss and coordinate specific needs like creating a military tent community, with security, (how about the baseball field by Mongoose) to house the many people you represent who are indicating their willingness to volunteer, also you can discuss potential helo lifts for the volunteers from STX.

    Hope this though is helpful. Good luck

  22. Jenn – I’m in Boston and WBZ radio is looking to interview someone on the ground on St. John. Are you able to make cell phone contact yet? If not, can you suggest anyone that can and would be a good spokesperson for the island.

    I think it should be you. Please advise. I don’t want to lose this opportunity. Thank you.

    My email is [email protected]

  23. Thank you Jenn for the update will be anxious to know when we will be permitted back on stj to lend a hand for whatever it takes. Please keep posting updates.

  24. Jenn,
    I don’t know you but I like you, keep up the good work and my thoughts are with you…stay safe and stay strong, I’m from New Orleans and I remember Katrina very well, even though I evacuated I came home to mass destruction. I cannot imagine what it’s like there!

  25. Drawing attention to the need for safety and security deserves respect. She didn’t shy from using her voice at a time when she felt fear for lack of food, shelter,and safety. I’m appreciative that Jenn was brave enough to use her platform to voice the needs of one of the smaller Islands affected by Big Bad Irma. Keep up the good work and report on the agencies we can donate to or volunteer with that are already supporting the survival of your STJ community.
    Crespo….at lest you have Internet:)

  26. Jenn – You rock! Thank you SO MUCH for coming to us again through the airwaves. Thank you for news we wouldn’t hear otherwise. Thank you for being a voice of hope in a devastating situation. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  27. Jenn,

    I totally agree with Marc’s comment above regarding an organized effort to get us all down there to help. A few logistics are running through my mind. I spoke to the owner of the villa rent every year LeLapin, and expressed my desire to come help. How can we go about?

    Thanks Jenn for your absolute courage. As I say every morning that I head into the Operating room; Me, God and Fear, we all ride together…..

  28. Like so many others, I fell in love with STJ 15 years ago. I consider myself fortunate to have spent 2 weeks there every year since (and the other 50 weeks planning the next visit). This event and its aftermath are heartbreaking! As regular followers of your blog, I am grateful to hear you are okay, finding positives in the chaos, and able to be my eyes and ears on the island. Stay safe and well, Jenn!

  29. Hey all- it’s been my policy from day one to let people speak their minds in the comments … until they get aggressive. Aggressive comments will be deleted. That will continue.

    Hate away Crespo … People like you make me even stronger.

  30. So glad to hear things are starting to look up! St. John is very special to us and I’ve been devastated and heartbroken to hear the stories and see the photos. We absolutely can’t wait to get back!

  31. Any contact information for boat owners who had boats in Hurricane Hole? Wondering how Phil Strenger’s sailboat Paper Tiger fared. Phil is long-time Coral Bay resident. Also has a runabout.

  32. Stay strong and be proud of the service you have provided. You were instrumental in bringing in resources when the need was most critical. Ignore the haters and those, including local politicians, whose feelings you bruised along the way. You were there, you saw what was happening and you did the right thing. Stay strong.

  33. Jenn,
    Kudos to you! Keep posting. Tell us what you need. I’ve never been to St John…you are a friend of a friend of a friend! We are all connected.

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