Travel Guide- St. John Boat Charters

Travel Guide- St. John Boat Charters

Good Morning, Good Morning. Today, I want to address something that has really been grinding my gears for the past few months. So, there are all of these different boat broker companies, “concierge” companies and Facebook groups and charter booking operations out there that are offering a service to the consumer (that’s you!) in an attempt to help you find the perfect boat for your day on the water while visiting. Which is GREAT. It makes your life easier when all of the options are in one place, right?

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However, I have noticed that many of these websites and group pages offer almost exclusively St. Thomas BASED vessels. Even on the St. John pages on their websites! Yes, they do pick up on St. John and do trips and excursions around Love City. But, I thought maybe visitors to St. John might be interested in knowing that you are booking a boat and crew that are actually based here on island. And, in order to do that, you need accurate information, right? Misinformation is my biggest pet peeve and many other charter boat owners have expressed their frustrations about all of this to me. So, in light of all of this, I created a list of St. John based boats for you to peruse the next time you are planning a trip and looking to get out on the water for a day of fun!

Below is a listing of boat charters by type…All of which are based on St. John. Many of which are owner operated right here in Love City. For your convenience, they are listed by category. Additionally, all boats offering shared trips (per person pricing) in addition to private ones will be notated with an *.

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First up, POWER BOATS! Image: Flyaway Charters

Power Boats

  • Sunshine Daydream– 340-776-0928
  • Flyaway Charters (Soon come, they will be offering sailing trips on Pepper as well!)- 340-514-9627
  • Love City Excursions– 340-998-7604
  • Salty Daze– 340-690-7258
  • Voo Doo VI* – 340-690-8272
  • Ocean Runner (Captained charters and Bareboat Rentals)- 340-693-8809
  • Wharfside Watersports* (Powerboats, dinghy & zodiac rentals, Sadie Sea group trips)- 340-201-6881
  • Yippee Ki Yay– 340-473-6089
  • Island Roots- 340-643-5000
  • Palm Tree Charters – 340-642-8522
  • Blue Line Yacht Charters- 508-202-3953
  • Island Explorer- 301-648-3182
  • Local Flavor- 340-513-1431
  • St. John Charters (Southern Hospitality/SoHo II)- 340-474-1022
  • Big Blue Excursions (Also has sailboat offerings) – 340-201-3045
  • RocknRolla Boat- 340-227-6552
  • Seashells Boat Charters- 340-998-0369
  • On the Sea Charters- 850-339-8113
  • Busy Bee- 340-201-4858
  • Rockhoppin’- 340-514-5527
  • Captain Jug- 340-643-0078
  • Bad Kitty* – 340-777-7425
  • Cruz Bay Water Sports (Also has sailing options and bareboat rentals)- 844-359-5457
  • Charter Seahorse- 910-538-9370
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Let’s Go Sailing! (Pictured, Sail Helios)

Sail Boats

  • Dulce Vita Sails– 340-473-6089
  • Cimarron Yacht Charters*- 207-415-6405
  • Sailing Asante*- 404-408-9077
  • Sail Helios- 340-244-3290
  • Sailing Tipitina- 340-201-4657
  • Cloud 9- 340-998-1940
  • Singing Dog Sailing- 717-602-3498
  • Kekoa*- 340-244-7245
  • Cruz Bay Watersports*- 844-359-5457
  • Calypso- 340-777-7425
  • Wayward Sailor- 240-535-6003
  • Virgin Magic Charters (Mahiya)- 340-626-4120
  • Morningstar Charter- 340-626-8743
  • Big Blue Excursions- 340-201-3045
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Get Underwater! Image: Dive Low Key

Dive Trips

  • Low Key- 340-693-8999
  • Busy Bee- 340-201-4858
  • Morning Star Charter- 340-626-8743
Travel Guide- St. John Boat Charters 5
Captain Your Own Vessel- Image: Wharfside Watersports

Bareboat Rentals

  • Wharfside Watersports (Zodiacs & Dinghies)- 340-201-6881
  • Ocean Runner (Whalers)- 340-693-8809
  • St. John Dinghy Rentals- 340-227-1886
  • Dockside Dinghy Rentals- 340-227-3260
  • Cruz Bay Watersports- 844-359-5457

The above list was comprised in no particular order, with the exception of listing the News of St. John advertisers in each category first. If you run a St. John based charter boat and you do not see your name on this list, please send me an email and I will add you. Although I received some assistance with compiling this list (Thank you Rob with Sunshine Daydream!), I’m one person and I do make mistakes and I do apologize in advance to anyone I may have missed. If you see your name on the list, but there is an issue with your phone number or information presented, also please reach out!

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Companies offering shared trips (like Voo Doo!) are notated by an * on the list above.

For those of you looking to book a boat trip in the months to come, this list will be saved under the BOAT CHARTERS link at the top of the page.

Also, please note, we are nearing peak hurricane season in the USVI and many boats will cease operations between August and October. I’ll be publishing an additional list around the beginning of July of boats that will be working and in the water throughout the late summer and early fall months 🙂

Have a great Monday!

13 thoughts on “Travel Guide- St. John Boat Charters”

  1. I could not agree more! It is a shame!! We have always used boats from St. John for twenty years!! We will print the list!

    I have also noticed that cruise ships are offering only limited few excursions from STT to St John. We inquired and the response was that they cannot find any for groups. Sounds strange!

  2. We are so glad you posted this information. My wife and I rented a Boston Whaler from Low Key yesterday. The staff was great. We had a wonderful day and the cost was very reasonable. I hope at some point you can address the St. Thomas charters that drive their 24+ boats right up and onto the beach where people are snorkeling. We confronted a group at Francis the other day and their response was simply, “We’re from St. Thomas.”

  3. Thank you for supporting the on island St. John boat services!
    We always use On The Sea Charters on our visits. Captain Ryan has 2 boats and our trips are designed by him based on our desires and we have made amazing memories on his boats: 9 Lives and Cheshire. Check out his website for more information: ontheseacharters.com.

  4. Great article, I couldn’t agree more! I like to make sure the merchants of St. John get our business. From groceries, to car rental, to charters! But I also think it’s incumbent for the charter industry on Saint John to form their own organization and market themselves as the best way to see St. John is by making reservations with Saint John charters!

  5. Great list, thank you! We love island roots and are excited to see them again in a few months. Local boaters know the best spots

  6. Fantastic list! I appreciate it. I hate misinformation -and being able to see a list instead of having to call or email each owner is a time saver. The reason why I love using St. John based owners other than the obvious reason to ‘stay local’ is that you are able to start out early and come home later as they are already here in St. John waters. For a decade we always sailed with Jason Carter and Survivan. Boy I miss him and that boat. Best sails ever and Jason is a prince of a man. Thanks Again.

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