Traffic to get worse in Cruz Bay

TouristsandtaxisThe new island Administrator, Leona Smith, has announced drivers will not be allowed to line up along the waterfront, between the pay phones to the 30-minute parking area, according to a report by the St. John Source

Several villa managers are quoted saying this will mean people will circle through town several times as they try and meet visitors.  And when they do find for whom they are looking, they’ll stop in the middle of traffic to pick them up.

Smith was firm in her decision, though, according to the Source.  "It’s a traffic hazard" to have vehicles lined up along the one way road, she said.

Among the top complaints from visitors is a lack of parking in Cruz
Bay.  Some restaurant operators say business was off as much as 20%
during the winter season; parking might be a reason.  One reader on the
web site said so. "We
avoided going into town most nights choosing to pay for in-villa dinner
services rather than trying to find parking for 3 vehicles."

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