Throwback Pic

We received this pic from Dan B., a longtime News of St. John reader. Any idea where this building once stood???


9 thoughts on “Throwback Pic”

  1. Dockside pub run by Jen. Open till at least 2000. Right at ferry dock. Good for coffee, Coors light, & egg sandwich while waiting on boat.

  2. Right at the ferry till at least 1999. There was a gap from 2000 thru 2008 that I could not get to SJ so somewhere in that span the new building went up. We would get off the ferry, grab gin&tonics, and stroll over to Conrad Sutton for our Jeep. Gladys Sutton once advised my pregnant wife that the prettier the food she eats the prettier our baby will be! it was great advice! Then we would head over to the Hart Beach Villa [ now Rendeview, Island Getaways Inc.com ] for another great vacation. Back then the owners of the villa [ the Corsilias ] were an adventure in themselves!!

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