Threat to corals draws feds’ attention

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has formed an inter-agency effort to protect coral reefs off the shores of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

“The coral reefs of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are renowned for their beauty, and their ecological and economic value,” said EPA Regional Administrator Judith A. Enck. “Unfortunately, these treasures are being destroyed. By working with our fellow governmental agencies, the EPA will help make sure coral reefs continue to contribute to the region’s economy and ecology for generations to come.”

 Coral reef ecosystems throughout the Caribbean are being damaged by a growing number of problems such as overfishing, sediment runoff, pollution, disease and climate change, which causes the water to become warmer and more acidic.

On February 25th, the EPA effort. dubbed the Caribbean Coral Reef Protection Group, will host a public “listening session” on St. Thomas to hear the discussions and concerns of community groups and citizens regarding the state of the coral reefs

5 thoughts on “Threat to corals draws feds’ attention”

  1. Nice that we have their attention, at least until the Repub control house shuts down the govt. I have see excellent reef comeback from such efforts, lets support this 100%

  2. There won’t be goverment programs in the future if irresponsible spending by both parties is not addressed soon. Some good republicans and democrats are resigning because they see no hope of reigning in the outrageous spending going on. Yes, there are good programs, but there are so many agencies overseeing other agencies over seeing other agencies that has dragged our nation down all in order to create government jobs in exchange for political support. You can only raise taxes so much until you hurt prosperity, stifle true economic growth and drive away corporations and high income folks. We will see a record number of high income people renounce citizenship and move their global businesses to other nations. In fact, under the current administration it has happened in record numbers already. Look at France; they’re losing prosperous people to other nations. Balance is needed and both parties are responsible. In the end, the voter is the most to blame since they always want handouts.

  3. I hope someone brings up in the meeting something about the destruction irresponsible jet skiers and some boaters cause when they run over coral and leave debris in their wake. I’ve seen it happen and it sickens me. It’s usually some hotshot tourist speeding through areas they shouldn’t with no regard for the sealife beneath them. Motor watercraft also cause a lot of pollution and should be maintained and checked for leaks.

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