This just in …

Island source reports there have been 500 signatures collected in opposition to the Rendezvous condo project on top of Gifft Hill and Fish Bay.  "I don’t know what good they’re going to, however," he added.

3 thoughts on “This just in …”

  1. You are fighting and uphill battle in the wrong direction. What is being done to Rendezvous will help strengthen the infrastructure. Imagine the success of local stores and resturants if all houses and condos are filled by people willing to give back to the community. What they are doing is legal and very beneficial, they employ a large work force and have good intentions with the island.

  2. Dear Todd…
    If that is the way you like it…
    there is an island very near, -it’s called
    St Thomas
    but as for the the old men gathering more
    money … in their Maho Bays and Grande Bays… money that they won’t take with them as they come to the end of their life.. they leave behind another st thomas… no wonder the rockefellers seem to want no part of this place anymore… they gave us a wonderful gift… and all we/they have done is f### it up !

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