They’re Back! And I’m So Excited!!

Seadream anchored off of Cruz Bay Sunday morning.
Seadream anchored off of Cruz Bay Sunday morning.

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! I woke up to such a wonderful sight out my window this morning … a cruise ship! Anchored off Cruz Bay!! They’re back!!! Woohoo!!!!

You may be wondering why I’m so excited about a cruise ship. Well today’s visit by Seadream is the very first cruise ship that has visited St. John since the hurricanes. This is one more step toward normalcy for those of us living on St. John. And some normalcy is a big deal these days. 🙂

Today’s vessel, Seadream 1, holds just 112 passengers. It’s typically for Seadream to visit us during the winter months, anchoring off Cruz Bay. Because as you most likely know, we do not have a large dock on St. John. Therefore we can only accommodate the smaller cruise ships, which anchor offshore in Cruz Bay. They then tender their passengers to shore.

Seadream was first supposed to visit back in November. They had several visits planned but all were rerouted after the hurricane. It looks like they’re going to come back a few more times this season with scheduled stops on February 18th, February 25th and March 11th. (You can check out the entire cruise ship schedule on vinow.com)

Now let’s hope those passengers head onshore and support our economy. Have a wonderful day everyone!

6 thoughts on “They’re Back! And I’m So Excited!!”

  1. Thank you for such a detailed update on our favorite island!!!! It sounds like there’s steady progress… you gave such a great “tour” it feels like we started on our next vacation… We will start saving so we can come back to beautiful St. John!

  2. I am looking forward to visiting in several weeks. I have been following your updates since the hurricane. Thank you for every beach opening, video, picture, etc. I have wept so much for the families and beautiful island and I feel such hope in seeing some normalcy returning.

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