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It’s currently pouring on St. John – like absolutely pouring. While this is fantastic for our cisterns, we understand that it’s not so cool for the tourists who are visiting this beautiful island of ours. The beaches and trails aren’t as much fun, and our restaurants and bars are packed.

We get a ton of emails about the weather here at News of St. John, and our typical response is, “don’t worry about it, it only rains for a few minutes at a time. Stop looking at Weather.com. It’s never accurate.” But alas, there are times – like right now – when we are in the midst of a rainy weather pattern. For times like these, there are a few sites we trust for our weather forecast.


Wunderground is my favorite weather app, and it was the most trusted weather app of my BFF, the late Captain John Brandi. It gives very accurate radar, tells you about the time rain is expected and gives a good summary of the week’s weather. Check out a few screenshots.

Zoom in for More Detailed Radar Pics
Weekly Forecast
Hourly Forecast

There are two other sites we regularly check out, and both are on Facebook. The first is St. John Weather. This site is maintained by Dan Boyd, and it includes an extremely detailed weather and marine forecast. Click here to check it out. 



The second Facebook page I watch is the US Virgin islands Tropical Hurricane Weather Station page. Click here to check that out. This is a good page, especially when we’re having some tropical weather.

Saturday’s forecast – page not updated daily

So there you have it. Stay dry folks and remember a rainy day on St. John is better than a day at work in the States!

3 thoughts on “The Weather.”

  1. This is why I have always considered the possibility of putting in a small movie theater somewhere on the island. Some place out of the way but not far from Cruz. Two A/C’d theaters, one showing something current and one showing an old classic. Popcorn, soft drinks, cocktails, keep it simple.

  2. Agree with Denna. Last spring it was so dry , we like it green but we know the drill. We arrive in 12 days, bug spray in hand!!

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