St. John magazine for sale

Ella Anderson was sick of the mainland rat race five years ago, so she bought an island magazine to craft a way to live the island dream and have her own business.  

Now it's time for someone else to follow their muse, too. The St. John Sun Times is for sale.  The asking price for the popular Caribbean magazine is $120,000. Anderson is willing to finance the balance of the price after a $50,000 downpayment. "It is not about the money," she said.


"I have already gotten a flurry of interest from people like me who just want to change their lives – quit their boring jobs and move to a tropical island. And importantly, I will still be on island and consulting/helping the new owner."

She has owned the publication for five years and is off to a new venture, focused on travel

“If you have paid your dues in graphic design and/or journalism and have a head for business, I can teach you the publishing part,” Anderson said. Since she lives on St. John, that training and hand-holding is easily available.

"I am not going to sell the magazine until I can sell it to someone who can run it well," she said to assure readers and advertisers.

During her tenure, the Sun Times also became more widely-read, by both residents and visitors through the use of colorful graphics and photos, an extensive entertainment and activities calendar, and a roster of talented local contributors who focus on what makes St. John so special.

If you’re interested, e-mail [email protected]

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  1. This offers new doors of opportunities to people who like to explore the world of tourism, writing and advertisement. It will be a great avenue for the next in line to showcase and highlight great spots to visit. And it is a good idea that Ella Anderson will not just let anyone have it without considering one’s interest and capacity in handling such business.

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