8 Tuff Miles registration at half point

Online registration for February 26th's 8 Tuff Miles Road race is now closed.

Runners on St. John and St. Thomas can register in person at two places: the Tap Room at Mongoose Junction and on St. Thomas, the Caribbean Surf Company stores.

Local registration continues until the field of 1,000 is full. "We are half way there with roughly 500 registered entries," said race founder Peter Alter. "Never before has this event been so popular. He who hesitates watches from the sidelines!"

  • 8 Tuff Miles Facebook page is here.
  • 8 Tuff Miles web site is here.

1 thought on “8 Tuff Miles registration at half point”

  1. Are there any local who will register my husband and I? ; ) We are in Pittsburgh and didn’t realize this would fill up so fast. Poor us. Have fun.

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