The Original Ferry Circa 1938

m:v falmingo first ferry
Photo by Dr. George H. H. Knight

I was perusing Facebook this morning when I came across a picture that was of great interest to me. It shows what the Cruz Bay dock looked like back in 1938. The picture was posted by David Whitney Knight Sr. Here is what he wrote:

“The M/V Flamingo, St. John’s first regularly scheduled ferry, arrives at Cruz Bay dock in the winter of 1938. My mother, Anna, is the woman facing the camera.”

And here is the original ferry schedule, also courtesy of David Whitney Knight Sr.:

ferry schedule 1036

Pretty neat, right?

As Mr. Knight pointed out in the comments, take note of one of the places the ferry departed from – Leinster Bay. The ferry also mades stops in Coral Bay at that time. I’m curious when all of that stopped.

For those of you who enjoy learning about St. John’s history and seeing old pictures as much as I do, please check out the St. John Historical Society at www.stjohnhistoricalsociety.org

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  1. I know what the ferry dock before this one looked like because we have been coming to St John since 1986. But didn’t know what the original one looked like…..

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