The Best St. John Video Ever Made … In Our Opinion

For those of you who’ve been reading News of St. John for awhile, you may recognize this throwback video. And for those of you who are new to the site, you are going to absolutely love this video. I promise.

At just under three minutes long, it is one of the absolute best videos that features everything wonderful about St. John. It was shot by Jacob and Katie Schwarz in ultra HD, so adjust your settings if possible. Enjoy and happy Sunday!

6 thoughts on “The Best St. John Video Ever Made … In Our Opinion”

  1. I agree! Great video! They captured a lot of cool wildlife. Pelicans, Booby’s, Anoles, Hermit Crabs, Red Legged Stilts, Deer and a Golden Silk Orb Weaver. Several years ago, I was walking the Brown Bay Trail and almost did a face plant, directly into a huge Orb Weaver making a web across the trail. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely amazing! I’ve visited St. John three times and can’t wait to visit again. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Beautiful – Thank You for posting it again – never get tired of seeing the beauty and history of STJ — but really, just how incongruous that one single shot of Grande Bay is among all the incredible other scenes!!!

  4. Agree with Capt Doug. The mega-resorts now crowd Cruz Bay & ruin the beauty of that little town. Should have never been allowed.

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