Thank You for Your Donations!


You all are amazing!!! I wanted to personally thank those of you who made a donation to help get a fantastic group of wounded veterans to our island this November. We received donations from $5 to $600 … it honestly made me tear up! You are all so awesome!

To recap: Each November a group of wounded veterans come to St. John for a week with Team River Runner. (This program is not affiliated with the Wounded Warrior Project.) Travel is costly, so each summer an event called the Chaotic Kayak race is held. One hundred percent of the money raised at the event is used for travel costs. Once the veterans arrived, their housing and meals are all provided for free by generous local businesses. It’s honestly one of my favorite things that happens on island each year.

In addition, the teams who raise money get a five second head start during the race for each $100 raised. As of Monday morning, Team News of St. John has raised $2,875, which is amazing!!

We’d like to personally thank those of you who donated. So a HUGE thank you to:

COL Craig Trebilcock who donated from Operation Resolute Support, Kabul, Afghanistan
Anne Cook
Anne Fee
Born to Rhumb Charters
Brian & Kathy
Bruce Weissgold
Daniel Wheeler
Deanna Laudicino Von Alt
Don and Lisa Cummings
Gary and Cindy Carpenter
Gwen Whiteman
Jim Greig
John Champoux
Joseph Avelar
Joyce and Lee
Julie Young
Karen & Colin
Karen Polk
Kathy Nichols
Koryn M Okey
Laura and Jim Franks
Laura and Tom Colletti
Lisa W
Lori Graham
Michael R Sengstock
Michelle Tyminski
Mike & Susi Mark
Norm Ephraim
Raven and Bob
Rob A Hudnall
Rose and Martin
Ryan Small
Sandra P Corkern
Sarah Cawley
Scott and Amy
Sherri K Gallimore
Steve & Sue
Suzanne & Stan in Orlando
Wayne & Jill
Will & Brandi
William Breisacher

This year’s race will be held on Sunday, July 10 at Oppenheimer Beach. The race begins at noon. The public is welcome and invited to cheer along their favorite team. Food and drinks will be available.

And it’s not too late to donate!

Please click here to donate and help us get these amazing men and women to our island.

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