Thank You Everyone!!!

st johnopoly pic

You are all amazing, absolutely amazing!!! I am happy to tell you that we raised nearly $5,000 through our St. Johnopoly raffle … how fantastic is that??!! That means that the Animal Care Center, the St. John Cancer Fund, Team River Runner and Friends Helping Friends will each get a check in excess of $1,000 each. (We will have an exact total later today.) Seriously, I am beyond happy and grateful to all of you. Thank you.

Here is a list of the winners:

  • Two-night stay at Gallows Point Resort: Jenny Villarreau
  • Two-night stay at Grande Bay: Shannon Weidner
  • Two-night stay at the Inn at Tamarind Court: Nathan Gruneau
  • Free Jeep rental courtesy of Sunshine Jeep Rental: Roberta Marquis
  • Sadie Sea sunset cruise for 30 people. BYOB.: Patricia Hughes
  • Two full day charters on Sail Safaris (on an existing trip); includes catered lunch from Sam & Jacks and open bar: Brion
  • Noah’s Little Arks half-day dinghy rental: Mat
  • Hook bracelet courtesy of Freebird: Nancy Dowling
  • $50 gift certificate to Castaway’s Tavern: Randy Woost
  • $50 gift certificate to Castaway’s Tavern: Anne Stevens
  • $50 gift certificate to The Beach Bar: John Woodbury
  • $50 gift certificate to The Beach Bar: Harry Ackley
  • $50 gift certificate to Ocean Grill: Mat
  • $50 gift certificate to The Tap Room: Mike N.
  • $50 gift certificate to Virgin Fire: Aidan Bokunovich
  • $50 gift certificate to Sun Dog Cafe: Amy Schoeck
  • $50 to St. John Beach Bums: Amy Schoeck
  • $50 gift certificate to Barefoot Cowboy Lounge: Mat
  • $50 gift certificate to Ocean 362: Joseph Layman
  • $50 gift certificate to Motu: Thomas Schells
  • $40 gift certificate to St. John Ice & Water: Dawn Wheeler
  • $25 to Woody’s: Greg Simmons
  • $25 to Across the Street: Katja
  • $25 gift certificate to Cafe Roma: Sandy Clenden
  • $25 gift certificate to Cafe Roma: Amy Schlock
  • $25 gift certificate to Tamarind: Denise Reynolds
  • $25 gift certificate to Joe’s Rum Hut: Ken McAnally
  • $25 gift certificate to Joe’s Rum Hut: Marie Gretchen
  • Steve Simonson 2015 Calendar: Sandy Clenden and Tracey Pajewski
  • St. Johnopoly game – the island’s newest, coolest & only board game: Bloomfield
  • News of St. John prize pack including Vino to Go, Koozies and Shot Glass: Jeff Ketcher
  • Love City Radio hat: Lynda Collins

We will be contacting everyone who won and was not present to claim their prize later today.

Thank you so much to all of the generous businesses who donated such amazing prizes to our raffle, and thank you to all of you who purchased tickets. We’d also like to extend a HUGE thank you to The Beach Bar for hosting such an incredible party. Thank you again everyone! Have a great weekend!

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