Tax bills due end of the month

Two e-mails during the past week asked whether we’d received our 2005 tax bill.  I replied that we had.  Both writers, one living at Fish Bay, and the other a mainlander, said they hadn’t seen theirs.  Time to call the real estate sales people, was my advice. 

The stateside writer said he’d bought a house in late ’05, and "Cannot get through to the tax office through their phone system nor do they answer their e-mail."  My guess is the Assessor’s office hasn’t caught up with the sales transaction yet, so it’s possible the previous owner got the bill.

The Governor’s office has said tax bills are due and payable at the end of May and will be considered delinquent if they’re not paid by the end of June..

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  1. I had not recieved my tax bill either. I purchased my property in early 2006. I called the Tax Assesors office in St Thomas. Their instructions were to write a letter to them indicating that they should change their records to reflect you and your contact info as the new address for mailing bills and that you should request they mail you a copy of the 2005 bill. I did this and got a copy of the bill back here in the states in about 10 days. You MUST include your properties parcel #. Without this, they seem lost. Turns out my bill was being mailed to someone who owned my property 4 people and 7 years ago. The Tax Assesors contact info I used is:
    Office of the Tax Assessor
    Attn: Mr. Roy Martin
    No. 18 Kongens Gade
    St. Thomas, V.I. 00802
    Phone (340) 776-8505
    Fax (340) 774-1270
    Hope this is helpful

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