Tage open

It appears that Tage has reopened in the wake of the departure of its award winning chef, Ted Robinson. (So, you can disregard all the nice words on the Web site about Ted”s skill.)

"They have a new chef from St. Thomas (transplant from Pittsburgh)," said a message at  Virgin-Islands-On-Line.com. "Rumor has it they have all new staff except for Will at the bar and they are bringing back Thomas as the manager (thank goodness)."

2 thoughts on “Tage open”

  1. Paradiso was perfect when Ted was there. Tage was perfect when Ted was there. One night he wasn’t cooking, and we could definitely tell. Hope he turns up somewhere else on St. John.

  2. Oh boy, another “fancy” St. John restaurant. More over priced dives offering lousy food staffed by a bunch of “Island” white kids with bad attitudes from connecticut. St. John is nothing like it was… too bad.

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