The return of Thankspigging


St. John's Ken Yolman is at it again, for the 11th time, hosting a community holiday feast at Skinny Legs. The blowout draws several hundred people, many bringing along a little something to share, in the spirit of the day: turkeys, yams, stuffing and other holiday foods – as well as beer, punch, sodas and whatever.

He tried to call it a decade last year. He's been doing the dinner since 2000, and tried to tell everybody that last year's would be the last.  Didn't turn out that way.  Lots of people pitched in to help him put it together this tear and so, he says, it'll go on. "It looks like Skinny Legs has nine more years, so I guess Thankspigging will, too," he said.

The event grew out of Yolman's 15 years on the island, attending his first Thankspigging but he had nothing to share. Now, he repays the generosity of others to him by organizing the event for everyone.

"This is a perfect opportunity to showcase our small island’s very giving and sharing nature on a day for giving thanks. Your country cousins in Coral Bay wish to extend an invitation to our city cousins in Cruz Bay to attend. Also our cousins in Fish Bay, Maho, Concordia, East End and even Peter Bay ( Aunts and Uncles ). To those who raft up or get together for an annual feast, do something different this year."

Bob Schlesinger was on hand at Skinny's for Thankspigging last year. There were about 400 people in the joint at 7 p.m. Looks like a good time was had by all.

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Bob Schlesinger and his wife Karin own Tropical Focus Photography, specializing in weddings and family portraits.