More parking in Cruz Bay soon

The Achilles Heel of the Cruz Bay restaurant business is parking. For years, there have been complaints. And ill-planned and badly implemented efforts by the government have failed to solve the problem. The Governor's announcement this week that a Planner finally has been hired is a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, the Port Authority is moving ahead with its plan to use the aprons of the Enighed Pond commercial port for parking.  As many as 150 spaces, according to Islandia Real Estate's blog (http://www.stjohnvirealestateblog.com/?p=1502).  The Port Authority's executive director, Ken Hobson, told a St. John Chamber of Commerce meeting the parking could be operational by May 1st.

He also said that the PA initially wanted to charge for parking.  However, Gov. John deJongh intervened and, at least at the start, parking will be free.