Swimming with the Maho Bay Turtles

I absolutely love swimming with the turtles over at Maho Bay. For those of you who’ve yet to have the opportunity to do so, there’s usually a small group that munches on the grass a little ways out, usually a few yards before the buoys and near the center of the beach. If you sit on the beach and look carefully, you may catch one poking his, or perhaps her, head up out of the water as they come up for a breath of air.

The turtles are such gentle animals and if you keep your distance, they probably won’t mind if you hang out with them a bit, as long as you admire them from afar.

Now a videographer I am not; however, I thought I’d share this quick one with all of you. It’s of a recent swim I took with one of these precious little guys over in Maho Bay. I hope you enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “Swimming with the Maho Bay Turtles”

  1. I was just replaying our swimming with these turtles at Maho Bay as a relaxation technique. They are marvelous, and the sense you get swimming with them, watching them graze, dip up and slowly head back down again . . . priceless.

  2. If you want to swim with the turtles of St. John, this is your bay! This is one of our favorite bays. The spot over by the rocks is where we swam with the turtles and cute and colorful fishes. Truly an amazing experience.

  3. Whenever I spot and swim along with one of these guys, my mind and body just seem to totally relax. It’s better then meditation.

  4. Hi,

    Great video. We will be down in St. John this winter and want to shoot some underwater video. Did you use an iPhone with a waterproof case or more sophisticated equipment? Thanks.

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