Sweet Plantains is Now Skipper’s Brit Pub

skippers pub

Sweet Plantains – out in Coral Bay – reintroduced itself this week and is now calling itself Skipper’s Brit Pub. We really like the new design, and the menu looks good too. Here’s what the owners wrote about the change on their Facebook page:

Our family moved to St John over a year ago. A restaurant in the Caribbean was our dream, not a restaurant serving All Caribbean food. Of late we have added some great British food items to our menu which have become very popular. The name Skippers we have had registered since we started looking for restaurants and pubs in the Caribbean. As our regulars are aware we have had Skippers pub on our menu for quite a while, the plan was always to change the name. 

The time had to be right, and now is the time. 

Check out the menu:

skippers p

skippers pub menu 2

Skipper’s Brit Pub at Sweet Plantains is located across from the water in Coral Bay just past Aqua Bistro. It is open Tuesday through Saturday from 3 p.m. till close.

17 thoughts on “Sweet Plantains is Now Skipper’s Brit Pub”

    • Your right l would rather go to shipwreck landing in coral bay and have some nice live music along with a airy atmosphere, l remember years ago as a kid in the 70s and 80s a restaurant at the same location of Brits landing use to serve a wonderful breakfast almost everyday! pancakes, eggs fresh orange juice and fresh milk with a wonderful view and breeze to enjoy. How things have changed. Since the Danish use to own these islands why not open up a Danish cuisine restaurant that world make more historic sense and choice of food sense and its better niche for business.

    • There is no such thing as luck. As far as Miss Lucy’s pancakes that is totally correct she has the best pina colada pancakes in the world but if you live here you know she is not open during the weekday mornings. l personally knew her and her restaurant was not in existence at that time period… she was a taxi driver and a blessed individual at that.

  1. Guinness Pie!!!!!!!!!!! I no longer eat meat but when I lived in Asia my Brit and Aussie friends introduced me to the rel deal in British pub food.

  2. It’s great to see hot entrées and sandwiches for less than $15.. I don’t know anywhere else In Coral Bay that has that without adding another $4 for each side. Or add $1 for a slice of cheese, or slice of tomato in a sandwich.

    But I suppose there are always those that will find any excuse to bash people trying to do something different.

    • Nice people; trying hard to present a unique experience they know well.
      Visitors on their first day as Skippers Brit Pub thought their accents were a nice touch.
      (They’ve obviously been practicing (the accents) a long time.)
      Prices aren’t bad in a town of $28 pizzas!
      And Coral Bay will never be Cruz Bay.

  3. Food prices are going up…as a visitor to the island for over 20 yrs., I ave seen changes too. I know my vacation isn’t the cheapest, but I love the island, and don’t mind the ala carte approach I take. If the food is good, it’s worth every penny! Sweet Plantains was the first restaurant I visited the first time here, when I stayed on Carolina. Nice location…give it a chance Jay, you may be surprised. I’ll be there in February.

  4. Im going for the goat! Anyone that has curried goat on the menu is cool with me. sojos and de coal pot have awesome goat, but I like coral bay and the sweet plantains location is great, plus you dont get the cruz bay frat boy riff raff.

  5. they are very nice people and i love there music all winter they had all kinds of music they will do well if you do go to coral bay enjoy

  6. Go for it! I personally can’t wait to try your menu. The Swordfish Caesar wrap sounds interesting. Coming in December for 6 months. See you then, and good luck.

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