Surly Cantina is #1 even tho closed

Surly Cantina, the fast-food Mexican place that used to be at Wharfside, and which is no more … is the best in the Virgin Islands. 

On the Cantina's blog, it's reported the place got the Virgin Islands Daily News nod, again, for the Best Mexican food in the Territory.    "Now we just need a restaurant," Craig and Suzanne said in reaction

"Now we have 2 Best Of's in the VI and we were only open for 15 months," they added.
"We have a few things in the works regarding locations. We want to
re-open as soon as possible."

More kudos came from Eloise Ham Anderson, publisher of the St. John Sun Times.   Just back from a trip, Anderson said, "We ate at a Mex place in Aspen and I said out loud 'this pretty much sucks compared to Surly Cantina.'"  (She has a way with words, which may be why Anderson owns the magazine.)

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