Sunday Funday in the BVIs

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One of the great things about the Virgin Islands is you simply never know who you’re going to encounter.

Yesterday I hopped on an Ocean Runner boat and took a little trip to the British Virgin Islands. The day started off relatively calm, as we did a little shopping at Foxy’s and then had a few beverages over at B-Line on Little Jost. For those of you who haven’t been to the B-line yet, it’s a fun, yet very laid back beach bar on Little Jost Van Dyke. It’s been open now for about a year-and-a-half and should definitely be a stop if you’re ever over in the BVIs.

(Click here to read about the first time I ever visited the B-Line.)

ocean runner

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From there, we cruised over to Norman Island and had lunch over at Pirate’s Bight. The food was delicious, the service was even better, and the view is simply to die for.

pirates bight

Then the fun really started.

After Pirate’s, we cruised over to the Willy T. The place was packed, which was amazing considering it’s the end of the July. The drinks were flowing, the music was blaring, and people were dancing and having a fantastic time. About an hour or so after we arrived, a boat pulled up and off walked what was perhaps the cutest older woman I have ever seen in my life. She was decked out in pearls, big sunglasses and a large straw hat. Seriously, she was the cutest grandma I have ever seen (beside my own of course).

She enjoyed a beverage at the bar, danced a bit and then was helped back to her boat by a few of the men onboard. As one of them walked past me, I asked if it was their grandmother and said how cute I found her to be. He replied in a British accent:

“Yes, that’s granny. She is 91. Can you believe that woman is 91??!! She is the matriarch of our family.”

Granny. Matriarch. 91. British accent. Hmmm…. Quick Google search to confirm my thought…

Holy moly, that was Sir Richard Branson’s mom!

Image credit: zimbio.com
Image credit: zimbio.com

I looked around and realized we’d been spending the afternoon with several of the Bransons. That certainly doesn’t happen every day.

Before realizing who they are were, I shot a few videos of the fun. Here is super quick and very edited clip of the cutest lady ever dancing on the Willy T:

You may recall reading how Kate Winslet saved Eve Branson from a house fire on Necker Island a few years back. Mrs. Branson, however, was quick to retort that Kate Winslet did not “save” her, she merely helped her down four steps to get out of the fire. 🙂

Sir Richard Branson, if you ever happen to come across this blog, you’re mother is the.cutest.thing.ever. Oh, and if you ever need someone to help care for your lemurs, I’m your girl! 🙂

Have a great Monday everyone!

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