Documentary planned for 8 Tuff Miles

Steve Simonsen has begun making plans to produce a documentary about next year's 8 Tuff Miles.

The 16th annual event will be Feb. 25 and Simonsen hopes to cover it, as they say, like a blanket. He wants help. That's why he's posted on Facebook, "Looking for video camera operators for next year's" race.  He'd like to find 20-25 camera people with their own HD cameras.

His plans for a documentar of the race, founded by Peter Alter, include using historical video and/or film of the race and its activities.  So if you've got any from previous years, he'd like to know about it.

Simonsen made a career for himself doing world-class work in the Caribbean including his specialty, underwater photography.  In the past few years, he's branched out into video documentaries.  

"I just wrapped shooting on this year's Pine Peace School auction," he said. "First time I've shot it in HD."

3 thoughts on “Documentary planned for 8 Tuff Miles”

  1. Tell Steve the ideal way to film is the way they do in marathons; have someone riding backwards on a motor cycle. I’d love to see the back and forth positioning of the front pack.

  2. A documentary on J Zub and his attempt for a 7th title in ’12 wld be chill. Some personal ‘reality show’ clips of the runner’s lives and perperation wld be wow so we can ‘get to know’ the runners so we want to watch the show.

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