Stay Safe Florida…

Trunk Bay
We’re going to take a break from the news today. Instead, we would like to send our love to our friends in Florida.

Out of every state in the U.S., we receive the most visitors to this website from Florida. Today we’d like you all to know how much we appreciate you. We’re keeping you all in our thoughts. Stay safe Florida.

Much love,
Jenn and the News of St. John family

2 thoughts on “Stay Safe Florida…”

  1. Agreed. As well as everyone in Georgia and South Carolina. And then the Bahamas if it does turn back around.

    I used to live in Chicago, but now I live in Asheville, NC. I’ve visited 10 times, on my way again in a few weeks, and heard there are quite a few people on-island from Asheville. Wondering what the top 10 breakdown is for visitors to this blog.

    Stay safe, everyone!

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