St. John’s ‘secret beach’

OK, folks.  The Inquiring Iguana is about to give away the location of the island’s Best Secret Beach, according to Travel + Lesiure magazine. 

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that it is so far off the beaten path that even if everybody does know where it is, they’re not likely to be there.

Lameshur Bay Beach, “on the secluded southeast coast … a short, but bumpy drive from the luxuries of Caneel Bay.”

Snorkelers love the beach also, says the magazine, because it leads you to Beehive Cove which features caves and tunnels filled with marine life like sponges and corals.

Actually, Lameshur is not much of a secret.  Gerald Singer’s excellent St. John Beach Guide has a section about Lameshur.

The beach is on the south shore of St. John, and you get there by going through ‘downtown Coral Bay’, past Salt Pond, and just keep driving west.

6 thoughts on “St. John’s ‘secret beach’”

  1. Love Lameshure but agree with the comments that it is no secret. I have a couple other secret beaches I go to for piece and quiet….and I will keep them that way! LOL Heading to St John in three weeks. Can’t wait!

  2. Europa Bay is my new favorite secret beach. It’s way off the beaten path and so deserted that you can skinny dip. Kiddel Bay is another favorite though hardly a secret.

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