St. John’s Eco-Cam is back, kind of

Liveimg.dllThe underwater live Web-camera at the Virgin Islands Environmental Research station is operating again.

It was placed in service over the summer by a group called Teens4Oceans from the Kent Denver School.  All their hard work was washed away soon after they lit the camera when a lighting storm killed the camera.

But the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park and the school bought another camera. VIERS staffers reinstalled it, with assistance from Sloop Jones

The administrator at VIERS, Randy Brown, said, "It is such a treat to be able to watch the fish under the dock from any computer. The water is still somewhat messed up from the recent rains but it is clearing up everyday. And you can see the sun shine over the hills from the dock webcam which is also again in full working order." (Although there is a satellite problem right now which is being worked on, which is why current images are of the dock only.)

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