St. Johnopoly Ships Next Week!

St. Johnopoly Cover

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! We have such great news to share with all of you… Or at least we think it’s great news! The 2019 edition is finally ready and is going to ship next week! Woo hoo!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with St. Johnopoly, it’s essentially the board game Monopoly but for St. John! Instead of starting at Go, you will start at the Ferry Dock. You will land on your favorites including Woody’s, The Beach Bar, Hercules Pate and more! We don’t have Community Chest cards, we simply have Community cards because ours is so wonderful! And rather than sending you to jail, we’re sending you somewhere fun! To the British Virgin Islands!

Even the tokens for the game are customized. For this edition, we added a Petroglyph token, as well as a map of Love City. I am super excited about this game! Can you tell?? Check out a few more pics…

Story of St. Johnopoly

St. Johnopoly Money

St. Johnopoly Community Cards
Go to BVI

So, if you want to get in on the action, please order your game today! As mentioned in today’s headline, games will ship next week so you can have it in your hands very soon!

Games cost $50 plus shipping. Shipping is calculated based on your zip code. Only a limited number of games are available, and all sales are final (because dealing with returns on a teeny tiny island in the Caribbean is not easy!).

Games are no longer available for sale online. Please email [email protected] to put your name on a waitlist.

Games will be available for sale exclusively at St. John Spice beginning in June. We will let you all know when they arrive on island!

Happy shopping everyone!

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