St. John: Under the Water

Hello everyone and happy Friday! So I get a ton of questions about what it’s like under the water these days. Truth be told, I don’t snorkel that much. However, my good friends over at Flyaway Charters do and they always convince me to hop in the water and explore the underwater world when we’re out and about together. We did just that yesterday, and I brought my GoPro along for all of you.

Now again, I am not an avid snorkeler, but I saw what appeared to be some very healthy coral off of St. John’s North Shore. I also stumbled on a few turtles, a “shark” and several friendly fish. Please take a few minutes to check it all out!

(And a big thanks to Leah Randall Hanson for capturing some of the amazing turtle footage for me!!)


19 thoughts on “St. John: Under the Water”

  1. You should NOT encourage feeding of fish. Creates problems and most of us snorkeling prefer natural behavior. Nice video except for that shameful action.

    • Hi J, I wasn’t. We were in the water at Christmas Cove and people from the boat beside us tossed crust from Pizza Pi in the water. I have no control over their actions. I was simply snorkeling and enjoying the fish.

    • J,
      You should NOT make assumptions with out knowing the whole story. Creates tension and the News of St John fans prefer nice behavior. You had a nice post except for the scolding and the shameful “shameful” comment.

  2. Of course you still got it! Time, Patience and the kindness of visitors is what St John needs. I just cannot wait for March. It is a long wait………….

  3. My wife and I just returned from 10 days on island. Snorkeling was great. We counted nine turtles at Maho in about 30 minutes. Also saw several over at Francis along with the largest barracuda we have ever seen. Coral is looking pretty good at Haulover North where we saw a nice sized (maybe 5′) nurse shark. The water seemed a little cloudy since last time we were there (2016) but plenty of wildlife.

  4. Counting down the days! Only 6 more weeks- I’ve missed you ST.JOHN – bringing my Daughter. Son in law and their 2 boys. Can’t wait to help them fall in love like we have with STJ

  5. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing. We are returning to St John this January. On our last visit there were a number of eagle rays in Rendezvous Bay. Dittlif Point didn’t have any houses on it at that time. Have there been any sightings there recently? Is Rendezvous accessible from shore anymore?

  6. Thank you so much for the video! You can’t imagine how much these mean to all of us who don’t live there but live for videos of drives, trails, donkeys, stores, food, ocean, beach, sea life…well anything STJ!! I appreciate your effort in sharing it all with us!

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