St. John Post Office to lose staff

If we still owned the Mail Center at the Marketplace, we’d be
shaking our heads in disbelief at news three St. John employees at the Post Office are being transferred to St. Thomas.

The St. John Administrator, Leona Smith, complained about the move to
the St. John Source saying, "We’re already faced with delays and the island
is growing."

PostofficeThe only thing this can mean is longer lines at the Cruz Bay Post Office. and more lousy service. Supposedly, mail is to be
delivered to mailboxes by 11 a.m., but Smith says it’s now more likely at 3

The three workers have been told to
show up for work at 6 a.m. at the St. Thomas airport, according to the Source story – irrespective of the fact the St. John ferry doesn’t
make its first run until 6 a.m.

So, if you’ll be spending a few weeks or
a few months on St. John, getting your mail at the Post Office is going to be even more of a hassle. When magazines arrive months after their
publication, and Priority Mail takes four days, fewer people working at the
Post Office is only going to make things worse.

Jason Corley, the new owner of the Mail Center, and Nakira, the terrific store
manager, are going to feel the effects, too. But you can avoid that additional stress by renting a mailbox at their
Marketplace business and letting Jason and Nakira do the heavy lifting. This is not an advertisement, just a fact of life.

Read the St. John Source story.

3 thoughts on “St. John Post Office to lose staff”

  1. there is nothing better than the mail center. i love never having to step foot in the post office on st john.
    i have a feeling the post office is entirely contracted out, not managed by the government. now, i’ve worked for the government before, and i realize how slow government services in general can be – but our post office is in a league of its own.
    by the way: priority mail, 4 days? dream on! when i was in the states two months ago i mailed 3 packages here, all 3-5 day priority. 38 days later i got the first package.
    DHL on the other hand? wow, any major packages from the states that you need in a timely manor, try them. we got a flat screen tv from NH down here a day and a half after we ordered it for $50. a day and a half!

  2. Matt, I have clients on St John and STT and have being using USPS Priority thus far with very good service.
    That being said, I like alternatives especially when they will save money on shipping. Shoot me an email if you will.
    [email protected]

  3. True story: I mailed (USPS) 93 boxes to the Mail Center on St. John by actual count between Feb and Sept 2007. Vast majority went Priority and were “flat rate” boxes (i.e., standard sized boxes given by stateside PO for Priority mail). A few went parcel post. EVERY box received in good shape. Many arrived in 3 days; none took very long!!! The trick is: use Priority; mail on Thur, Fri, or Sat; use flat rate (standardized size) boxes if you possibly can.

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