St. John Named Top Island to Start a Business

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For those of you not currently living on St. John, how many of you have dreamt about packing up, moving to the rock and opening your dream business? If so, we have some pretty good news for you. Islands Magazine just named St. John the second best island to live on for starting a business.

Islands Magazine said St. John would be a good choices because, “there are no language or currency barriers. More than half the island is national park, so outdoor enthusiasts have a good reason to make a go of it.”

St. John was joined by Guam, Florida Keys, Cozumel and American Samoa.

“To start a business on an island, answer these questions: Are there lots of expats on the island? Can you find reliable help? If yes, then you’re first step after landing on the island is to make connections by volunteering at local events. These places make the most sense for all of the above,” the magazine wrote.

You can read the full article on Island Magazine’s website here.

A few months ago, we asked our readers what their dream job would be on the island. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Bill Willis: Snowmobile rentals. (I don’t like to work too hard.)
  • Russ McGill: Quality Assurance Supervisor at the Beach Bar!
  • Stephanie Dunn: Food co-op for island residents. You almost need to get a personal loan to go into Starfish & Dolphin. I’m working on the business plan now…seriously.
  • Casen Baumgardner: Food DINGHY! Pull up to whatever beach sounds great at the time, have snack, drinks, “boat drinks”, lunch food and sandwiches ready for people to come buy directly from the boat!

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  1. Having been a “Destination Expert” on TripAdvisor, Fodors and other sites with a background in writing, marketing, event planning, project management and a law degree, I think my ultimate dream is to be the islands’ top events planner and producer. I already have a home in STJ so all I need is the full-time rewarding occupation.

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