St. John Lionfish threat grows

Concerns about the spread of Lionfish have become so serious that they've shown up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.  Efforts to catch the finned-terror have prompted the Florida Keys National Marine sanctuary to license scuba divers to grab Lionfish even in 'no take' fishing areas.

In the Virgin Islands, divers are also helping.  There's a Facebook page for Caribbean Lionfish Response and this video from YouTube shows  St. Thomas by CORE Dive Coordinator John "Fishbutt" Rubattino grabbing one of the predators.

The Journal reports "the voracious species is breeding by the thousands, gorging on tropical fish near coral reefs."  Dozens of Lionfish have been found and captured in the Virgin Islands. Live specimens are on display at Mongoose Junction in the VINP Friends' store.

  • Read the WSJ Lionfish story here.

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