St. John is On Sale! Visit For Just $200 Roundtrip!

St. John is On Sale! Visit For Just $200 Roundtrip! 1

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! Today we’re talking sales!

I was reading TripAdvisor the other day when I came across a post regarding Christmas airfare. One lucky lady scored an unbelievable deal of just $140 one way, direct, on Delta for December 27th… That’s unheard of! But it got me thinking….With everything happening in the world right now, airfare prices are majorly dropping. There are some great deals to be had! So I did a little digging for you and here is what I found.

How does $209 round trip sound? Well it’s true! For those of you located in or around the New York City area, JetBlue is offering round trip flights (with a brief layover in San Juan) for just $209! This deal is being offered on more than 10 dates in March. Delta is offering amazing prices for those of you who prefer to fly direct at just $284 roundtrip! Those prices begin the last week of March, so you have a few weeks to plan your trip to paradise.

St. John is On Sale! Visit For Just $200 Roundtrip! 2
Roundtrip airfare from JFK during the month of March!

Where are my Texas friends?? How does $202 roundtrip sound? This does include a stop in Ft. Lauderdale, but come on, Florida is a beautiful spot to say hello to while en route to us!

St. John is On Sale! Visit For Just $200 Roundtrip! 3

Hello Boston, now it’s your turn! You all are also in the $200 club! Roundtrip flights from Boston, with a quick stop in San Juan which happens to be where I am sitting as I type this, are just $201 on a couple of dates in March. Amazing!

St. John is On Sale! Visit For Just $200 Roundtrip! 4

Now let’s move over to Chicago. You can visit us for only $498! That’s the cost for a direct, roundtrip flight leaving on March 28th, so it gives you a few weeks to plan your visit!

I wish I had time to grab prices from every city in America for all of you, but I have a plane to hop on, so I can get back to St. John myself! But I think you get the idea. Airfare is cheap right now, and you should all take advantage of it.

And as a little more incentive, we are offering a discounted rate for all new Island Tour bookings. Just mentioned the code “Visit Us” when booking. We offer half day and full day tours, which are great for new visitors to the island to get acclimated with the place or for seasoned guests who are looking to see or do something new. Click here to read about our tour offerings, and click here to read our excellent TripAdvisor reviews!

Unable to visit, but still want a little St. John in your lives??! Well we’re offering an unreal deal on St. Johnopoly games. St. Johnopoly is exactly like the traditional Monopoly board game, but it has been completely customized for the island of St. John. Land on some of your favorite spots while driving around the board in a Jeep or petroglyph token! The game typically retails for $50, but we are currently offering games for just $30! That’s less than the price of most t-shirts here on island. We’re doing a little spring cleaning, so the games are prices to sell! You can purchase a game by clicking the Buy Now button below.

St. John is On Sale! Visit For Just $200 Roundtrip! 5

St. John is On Sale! Visit For Just $200 Roundtrip! 6
St. Johnopoly is on sale for just $30!

Now please, go ahead and book that vacation! You know you deserve it! I hope to see you all soon!

4 thoughts on “St. John is On Sale! Visit For Just $200 Roundtrip!”

  1. I do wish we could get prices like this from Houston. At best, I’m finding $575+. Almost justifies a flight to NY (not really).

  2. If you have some United fequent flyer miles to burn, you can fly r/t IAH-SJU-IAH for a total of 35,000 miles. Overnight at the San Juan airport hotel and catch an early morning Silver Airways (Seaborne) flight to STT. You can be in Cruz Bay before noon, which is better (for my wife and myself, at least) than getting to Coral Bay at dark and dead-tired from traveling all day. Trade one night at the airport hotel for one night at a rent house and you’ll probably pick up +$100 to help defray air fare. Silver (Seaborne) can cost as low as ±$90 one-way with a checked bag. My wife and I usually spend a day or two in Old San Juan. Terrific food and great Puerto Rican coffee. And your active time on St John will be nearly the same even if you trade nights on the island for nights in San Juan. Works well for us. We’ve been traveling through San Juan to the USVI since 1973 when we worked at the old Hess Oil refinery on St Croix.

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