St. John in 3 words?

There’s an interesting thread on the VINow discussion board.

A post from Blaze urged people to suggest three words that describe each of the Virgin Islands. 

Here’s a sample of responses about St. John.

  • Unspoiled, Idyllic, Peaceful
  • Paradise on Earth
  • Slice of Paradise
  • Unspoiled, Idyllic, Peaceful
  • At the Beach
  • Find lush peace

Comments about St. Thomas

  • Too many people
  • St. John: Way too expensive
  • Too many cars
  • Way too busy
  • Shopping, Dining, Friendly

St. Croix comments

  • Never been there
  • Bad reports heard
  • Culture is king
  • Our favorite place

    So, each island has positives and negatives.  How would you describe St. John? Make a comment here.

60 thoughts on “St. John in 3 words?”

  1. Cry with joy as I arrive and cry with heavy heart as I leave. There is absolutely no other place on earth that makes me feel that way.

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