Here comes MTV


What “Where the Boys Are” did for Ft. Lauderdale is what MTV may do for the Virgin Islands.

This could be good news – or bad.  Depends on how you feel about other people also discovering St. John.

The island is sure to get lots of attention thanks to MTV’s decision to use the Virgin Islands as the setting for the next season of its ‘Real World’ show.

Considered the grandaddy of reality shows, Real World shows what happens when a number of people relocate to a new place and live and work together.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, production of the show begins this month on St. Thomas.

The Tourism Commission is, understandably, very happy at landing the MTV production.  It means jobs and promotion for the islands.  “The exposure we get is invaluable,” said Beverly Nicholson Doty, the Commissioner. “Local individuals are hired, businesses benefit … it will have an immediate economic effect on the territory.”  She said each island will get attention during the show, as well as what she called ‘the 4th Virgin’, Water Island.

Steven Bornn, development manager at the VI Film Office, was also upbeat about what the effect the show couldhave on tourism. “It’s an honest to goodness travel documentary,” he told the St. John Source (read the full story here). “The culture, the food, the rhythms, the music.  They will be walking all over town.  They will see the heart of all the islands.”

The show is expected to broadcast the Virgin Islands shows this summer.

5 thoughts on “Here comes MTV”

  1. This will hopefully give the economy a much needed boost considering the closure of the refinery in St Croix, but I’m concerned about the possibility of St John losing alot of what attracts the type of people who currently go there.
    I dont want to have to find a new island, but there could be that threat if St John becomes too much like St Thomas.

  2. Bit by bit, things are announced that make me continue to reconsider my return to residence on St John. Reality shows are not real, they are scripted, and rarely positive. Sad to see for St John/St Thomas.

  3. So long quaint quiet St. John. I sure do hope the native locals appreciate the development but I suspect they don’t. Sad. “We” just won’t be happy until we’ve “paved over paradise”.

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