St. John getting a third bank

I am always amazed how buildings can appear from nowhere.  Anyone walking past from Cruz Bay to Boulon Center would probably not you could put up a two-story building in the lot between La Tapa and the Front Yard.  There was some kind of shack offering beverages, and that’s about it. 

But, Noooo!

There's still lots of work to do on the new place. Word is one of its tenants is going to be Banco Popular, the Puerto Rican-based bank that’s been trying to locate here for months.

Pretty good location for a bank. It's almost next door to the police station, too.

5 thoughts on “St. John getting a third bank”

  1. If that rumor is true, it’s a good location for anyone walking. Doesn’t look like much parking. Another rumor was that it was to be a parking garage.
    Great location if both rumors are true.

  2. Hopefully they will bring Customer Service along with the new bank. Since it is sooooooo lacking at the current two we have.

  3. That shack belongs to Paulie and Donna. Nice couple with BIG HEARTS!! I hope they get to relocate. HI Paul and Donna..hope to be coming home soon. Peace and Love, Islandgirl and Cruzan Chris

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