St. John: Eight Months After the Storms

Hello everyone and happy Monday. I apologize for being scarce the past few days. I’ve been working on a little video for you all, and I didn’t want to post it until I thought it was perfect.

As you probably know, yesterday marked the eighth month since Hurricane Irma hit the island. This video shows our progress. It also includes several pictures from many of you. So thank you to all of you who sent your vacation photos to me over the past few days. You are all a part of St. John just as much as those of us who live here are.

This video is better with sound, but feel free to check it out with the mute button while you’re at work. Enjoy.

47 thoughts on “St. John: Eight Months After the Storms”

  1. This is great! I have been going back and forth on a 4 night trip the second week of June. It will be a solo trip since my partner can’t take time off from work but this sold me! I’m in!! Just need to find a last minute cottage!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Can’t wait for the end of June…..son’s wedding on St.John…….soooo looking forward to going back again. Can’t wait to put my toes in the sand and swim in that water….

  3. This is wonderful, Jen. Thank you so much for putting this together. Brought tears to my eyes. Will be back on the Rock in 19 LONG days… third year in a row. Such a beautiful, special place and cannot wait!!!!

  4. Thanks so much for the video it made me cry! Missed it so much last season can’t wait till we return in January 2019!

  5. Thanks Jenn for this great video. we have cancelled our trip to Rome this year to come back to STJ for 6th year in row. We cant wait till July 2nd to be in our happy place.

  6. We will be there mid June for our 40th Anniversary. This time we are bringing the grandkids!!!! Can’t wait

  7. Nice job and great song choice. When I hear that song on the No Shoes Nation station all I can think about is STJ. 12 days out for us!

  8. Jenn, thank you your video is incredible and my fiancé and I cannot wait to arrive in July to get married and spend two weeks!!!!!!

  9. Thanks, Jenn; this video was worth the wait! It is everything that makes St John special for all of us. Six weeks to go…I can’t wait!

  10. Thank you Jenn…..and yes, it was perfect! I also puddled up a bit watching your video. My wife and I were there on September 6, 2017 and the aftermath was devastating. The rebuilding efforts as well as the loving hand of Mother Nature have been amazing! There are beautiful and resilient people in Love City. We will be back on island soon and cannot wait!

  11. Can’t wait to get back! Wonderful video – you are the best for keeping us posted. I look forward everyday to your blog.
    My Best.

  12. Thanks for the video. We will be heading down the last week of June for our 8th straight summer vacay. Can’t wait to see the progress and perhaps see how we can help when we are down.

  13. Jenn – was concerned about “your absence”. Glad you are well; it was worth the wait and the upbeat music.

  14. Thru the love of the island and the spirit of the folks who know – Thank you all for the hard work and determination. St.John

  15. Awesome video! Thanks for all you do to keep those who love St. John informed. We’re so thankful we got to be there in March. Can’t wait for our next trip!

  16. Thanks for putting this video together! We just got home 2 days ago from St.John and this helped me cope with the island withdrawals that I’m currently feeling. ❤️

  17. Thank you!! We are headed your way, May 12th. This is our 7th trip to St. John and love the island. Your blog has kept us connected. This video is wonderful and truly shows why St. John is so special!

  18. Jenn

    What can I say? WOW! You’ve done an amazing job reporting from initial conditions after IRMA to continually touting repairs, improvements and welcoming guests back.

    I’m honestly in awe of the outstanding job you’ve done and continually do for the island, it’s people, owners like me and creating a welcome environment for everyone and the tourist trade in general.

    Thank you
    Mike Mullen

  19. Thanks Jen. The video was great. Home after 2 weeks in paradise. The beaches were beautiful and the trails great. We will be back!!!

  20. Tears flowing again…thank you so much, Jenn! We missed our 27th visit last year, and only because of setting a later date (Sept.2nd changed to Sept.30) due to getting a new puppy (‘Butter’, if you’ve seen my posts), or we would’ve been there for it all. I’ve been following, religiously, since, and am so proud of you, and all STJ peeps have achieved. Honestly, since missing last year, my life has been lacking the peace I always regain when there, and hope to get back as soon as possible. Again, thank you, and all, for at least making it closer in mt mind!

  21. Jenn, Another triumph on your part showing the true
    beauty, spunk and spirit of our beloved St. John!
    Not sure of any other place so devastated that has made so
    huge a recovery in just 8 months. We’re booked for March
    2019 our 9th Love City visit! BRAVA and THANKS!

  22. Jen, Great job on this video! It’s perfect and made me cry. I can’t wait to get back. Really appreciate your hard work and thoughtful updates. Rachel

  23. Massachusetts in the house! Seems like a good title to win, State with the most love for St John.
    Thanks Jen, keep spreading the word!

  24. Tears again…thanks, Jen, for reminding us of the amazing resiliance of Mother Nature and the people of St. John.

  25. So glad to see the progress, the healing, and the good vibes for the most beautiful island in the Caribbean! Well done. Back in Nov.

  26. Thanks for posting this video. December cannot come soon enough! Stay safe this season (knock-wood)! <3

  27. Our Midwest Region Parrothead group (Parrotheads from all over the US) were there last year in March and will be back in Feb/Mar 2019! We loved St John and for many it was the first trip to this fabulous island paradise. Cannot wait to return!

  28. Jenn! Tears rolled down my face the whole time watching your beautiful video! Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together. Such a wonderful testament to the resilience of this little island and the love so many people have for it, residents and visitors alike. 41/2 weeks until the ferry brings me back! Thanks so much for your blog!

  29. First came to St John in 1981 and have been back most years, though, not as much lately. Thanks very much for the updates and keeping it positive. Most important, I hope the folks who call the island home are doing better. They are the ones who help make it a special place.

  30. I feel like a star! Me and my cabana boy made your awesome video!! (we teared up too) We’ve been home for 2 weeks now and can’t wait to return. The island and island community are doing awesome. They need us loyal visitors to keep coming so plan that trip!!

  31. I have been seeing other websites that indicate that the locals don’t want outsiders yet. Sucking up resoureses. Is that true? Not old stuff but recsent.

  32. We are heading to Alaska for two weeks….but all I can think about is I wish we were going to wake up there every morning for 2 weeks ! Been coming since 2002. Will be back ! ☠

  33. Beautiful video but very one sided. Of course the ocean looks beautiful. But this type of video misleads tourists who expect that everything is back beautiful. Some visitors are ok with seeing the beautiful ocean and ignoring the destruction of the inland. Unfortunately, some don’t react that way. We have been hearing complaints from tourists who feel they have been mislead about the condition of the island. Need to turn around and show the land side of the beach. Little to no shade on the beaches. the destroyed mangroves, the huge pot holes in the roads, the blown apart buildings, and huge piles of debris piled up on the roadsides. We have done a lot toward recovery but still have a long way to go.

    Sorry to be a downer but I believe in fair and balanced reporting. And don’t want people to be disappointed if they were expecting a “disneyland” type experience.

    • You are being a downer. I have been extremely up front and honest about the condition of the island, garbage pile in Coral Bay and all. You tend to see the negative Joan where I see the positive. I get emails all the time from visitors who say that the island is exactly how I’ve described it. I would never mislead anyone who is spending their hard earned money to get here. This video was to show how beautiful the island is and to thank the tourists for coming back.

    • “Need to turn around and show the land side of the beach. Little to no shade on the beaches. the destroyed mangroves, the huge pot holes in the roads, the blown apart buildings, and huge piles of debris piled up on the roadsides.”

      PS: I have reported on all of this, and I have shown all of this and more in images and videos. I’ve received some pretty vicious emails because I spoke the truth about the state of the island and because I have shown these images/vidoes. So for you to say that I am not “fair and balanced” is downright insulting.

  34. What a fantastic video Jen! As a long time visitor who was there last July, and returned this past February (and look forward to our next trip in a few months), I think all of your images are completely accurate. There is still work to be done, but wow I am so amazed with how far the island has come and how breathtaking it all still is. Actually even more so in my opinion. And the song is perfect! Great job!

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