St. John Car Rental Now Allowing Renters to Remove Jeep Tops

new jeep top cruz bay overlook (1)

How many times have you rented a Jeep on St. John and wished you were allowed to remove the tops? Well now you can, but only when renting from St. John Car Rental!

St. John Car Rental recently began installing new, easy to use, convertible tops in several of its two-door and four-door Jeep Wranglers. The new fabric convertible tops make it simple for renters to open up the Jeep and enjoy all that St. John has to offer. All you have to do it open two latches and push the top back … it’s that easy!

jeep top trunk (1)Car rental companies generally do not allow you to remove the factory tops for several reasons, according to Chris Dudek, owner of St. John Car Rental. 1. If not properly put back, the tops can cause water leaks. 2. The tops can be easily scratched when removing and reinstalling, or when they are be stored in the trunk. 3. They are bulky and get quite hot when removing, plus they take up a a lot of space in the back. Chris has found that some renters have opted to leave the tops at home after removing them (which they were instructed not to do per the rental contact). And well with the frequent mini rain storms we get here, the Jeeps get wet. That means they can get mildewy or start to smell.

So he and his wife Shawna decided to install these new convertible tops because, let’s be honest, people who rent Jeeps typically want to feel the cooling trade winds as they cruise around our island. Chris and Shawna did when they used to vacation here, and so did I!

These tops are so cool that I installed them in my own Jeep, which I use for my News of St. John Tours (with the help of St. John Car Rental of course!). And all of my guests have absolutely loved them! As does my dog Charlie who likes to spin around the island just as much as us humans do. 🙂

Chris and I made an extremely professional how-to video the other day using my iPhone. It shows just how simple these tops are to use. Check it out:

Chris and Shawna planned to install these convertible tops on all of their Wranglers, but in the meantime, you have to specifically request one. The cost for a Jeep with this type of top is an extra $15 a day, well worth it in my opinion to get the full Jeep island experience. St. John Car Rental is the only company on island that currently offers this feature.

To learn more about St. John Car Rental, please visit its website at www.stjohncarrental.com

6 thoughts on “St. John Car Rental Now Allowing Renters to Remove Jeep Tops”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. On our last trip Chris had just got them in and offered to install one for us to try, Riding around the island with it open was amazing, don’t think we went anywhere with it closed. It operates just as quickly and simple as you show.

  2. We have always rented from Saint John Car Rental! Just one more perfect reason to stick with them! I can just feel the wind in my hair!!

  3. Interesting. I have a 4dr wrangler at home and I agree, it’s a pain in the butt to struggle with the soft top.

    What’s the brand of this wonderful new top? I want one.

    STJ Car Rental made a great move with offering this!

  4. My first trip to SJ we rented from OConners, at the Texaco station where the roundabout is now, that was February 1992. We got a 1988 Wrangler with a five speed manual, no ac,and no roof at all !! It did have power steering and four new Coopers ! Now we have to pay more to get less ,lol . Which SJ Jeep rental company will be the first to offer two door, six speed manual, no top Wranglers?

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