St. John and Florida are similar, how?

Stjohnunitylogo A warning that St. John could be “the next ‘Paradise Lost’” has been sounded by the Virgin Islands Unity Day Group.

The Coral Bay-based group ignited out of the widespread anger about the government's recent real estate re-assessment on St. John.  Unity Day has launched legal challenges to the revaluation figures.  It has also been vocal in contesting the ferry companies’ request for higher fares.

In an op-ed column for the St. John Source, the group worries that the VI government has been so ineffective, inattentive, and insular that “St. John soon will be experiencing … (an) exodus.” Both the VI and Florida governments, Unity Day says, :are forcing their citizens out of their homes by bad decision making and ‘politrickin'.”

“Salaries and wages are on the decline because our biggest employers have closed their doors," the Group’s statement says. “When the government cries that it is broke we must accept it … But when we say, ‘We can’t afford it,’ they just raise fees anyway.”

3 thoughts on “St. John and Florida are similar, how?”

  1. I wonder how many people are going to jump ship when they eventually have to pay their taxes. Hope they have been saving that money for when that time comes.

  2. Gee, if government is so corrupt and ineffectual at managing public affairs and money, it is really going to be efficient for them to build cars and administer health care. If you think Federal government wouldn’t be so poorly run as local-just wait! and in the mean time look at the post office and VA hospitals. Say it loud and say it proud-Government sucks!

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