St. John: A Great Vacation Video

St. John: A Great Vacation Video 1
Delaney McGowan

Happy Friday everyone! What a better way to end the week than with a great St. John vacation video!

Today’s video was created by Delaney McGowan, an 18-year-old high school senior who lives in the western suburbs of Chicago. Delaney was in town last month with her mother and brother, and created this great video. We know you’re going to like it, so please check it out…


For those of you really looking to get your St. John fix, check out this second video. Delaney created this one last year when she visited the island to run 8 Tuff Miles. Enjoy everyone!

4 thoughts on “St. John: A Great Vacation Video”

  1. Delaney –

    Thanks for capturing it all ! We visit STJ often and share an appreciation for a lot of the same things that you do ! Ahhhh, the views, the nature, the warm waters, life above and below the waves !

    Thanks for putting in the time, effort, energy and creativity into your videos ! We can all use a good dose of St John in our day-to-day lives !!! Today will be a Great Day !

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