Small airline plans big VI service boost

Cape Air
plans to increase its daily service between St. Thomas and San Juan by 71 percent, according to a report by the Virgin Islands Daily News. (Read it here.

The small airline’s vice president of planning said increasing the number of daily round-trips to a dozen is a move to capitalize on the flight cuts being made by other, larger, airlines serving the Territory.  Cape Air is based in Cape Cod and its primary business is serving New England vacation spots like Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.  But it’s being flying in the Caribbean for nine years between Puerto Rico, the VI’s and Tortola.

The airline flies small planes.  So small, you probably never get to 5,000 feet.  It is a wonderful ride!  I took a flight from San Juan to St. Thomas a few years ago, and the plane probably held no more than a dozen people.  It flies so low, you have an unbelievable view of the coral reefs, sparsely inhabited islands and cays, sailboats and yachts, and so much more.  It is a lot of fun.

Cape Air’s decision to add service is one good thing that’s coming out of the current squeeze on airlines, fuel, and wallets. Here’s another reason to applaud Cape Air’s expansion.  It already has a co-marketing agreement with Jet Blue, transferring passengers from its own planes to Jet Blue from new England to the mid-Atlantic.  Oh, wouldn’t’t we like to see Jet Blue see Cape Air do even better in the VI’s, and decide to make its own foray into the marketplace.

2 thoughts on “Small airline plans big VI service boost”

  1. Cape Air can add all the planes it wants, but I won’t fly them. There is only one pilot. The planes are cramped. Limited ability to take luggage or packages. They dont handle wind and gusts very well. You have to travel all the way to st thomas/san juan or other airports and deal with the crap of being there 1.5 hours ahead and then try to get thru TSA. TSA San Juan is a real pain.
    My airline is Seaborne Airlines. No headaches or hassles. TWO PILOTS. No TSA waits or nasty customs in san Juan, They are also EXPANDING service with both pontoon planes AND wheeled landing planes for new locations in Old San Juan at Isle Grande Airport and new spots at other locations.
    Seaborne means the perfect island hopping experience (especially if traveling to Virgin Gorda) between USVI, BVI and Puerto Rico.
    Moe Cape Air planes means more headaches and hassles.

  2. Au contraire! My experiences with Cape Air and their gracious employees, in New England and to Tortola, have been excellent, on time, and very user-friendly. The views from their small aircraft make any bumps worthwhile. I like a pilot who chats with you and seconds as a baggage claim guy and tour guide.

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