Sloop Jones Returns to Art For the First Time Following Hurricanes

Sloop Jones stands with Liliana Martinez. Liliana interviewed Sloop for this story for NOSJ.
Sloop Jones stands with Liliana Martinez. Liliana interviewed Sloop for this story for NOSJ.

Hello everyone and happy Friday! We have such happy news to share with you all today. We’re a tad late on sharing this story, but nonetheless, it’s a great one and timeless in our eyes. Sloop Jones is once again creating his unique art here on St. John… How fantastic is that??!

Sloop has created hand-painted clothes and art out of his home and studio on St. John’s East End for the past 30 years. His art is very recognizable, as it has a tie-dye look of sorts. Like many, Sloop’s home sustained significant damage during Hurricane Irma. His art studio was completely destroyed, so Sloop was forced to put his artwork on hold while repairs were made. For 20 months, Sloop did not create any art at all with the exception of jazzing up a satellite dish or two here and there. (Sloop’s side business is satellite installation. You can see one of his painted dishes atop Skinny Legs in Coral Bay.)

Back in April, Sloop was finally able to return to his art, signaling yet another step to normalcy for our island residents. Sloop is continuing to operate out of his house, and has even started his painting workshops once again. For $125 per person (Or $100 per person for groups of two or more), Sloop will teach you painting techniques and guide you in creating your own wearable piece of art. He isn’t keeping set hours at his store on the East End (located on the same property as his home), but it is available by appointment. Sloop sells everything from t-shirts and rash guards to signs and pillowcases for your home. Prices range from $9 and up.

Sloops Tent sloop jones table top

For more information or to schedule a workshop, please visit Sloop’s website at www.sloopjones.com

And we would like to send out a special thanks to Liliana Martinez, a senior at Gifft Hill School. Liliana interviewed Sloop for this article and took the photographs. Liliana graduates today, so please join me in extending her a HUGE congratulations on that! And congrats to all of the Gifft Hill students who are graduating today!

7 thoughts on “Sloop Jones Returns to Art For the First Time Following Hurricanes”

  1. A day-brightener for sure!! Much appreciated on a cool, rainy,
    blustery day in Canada
    Congrats to both beautiful people featured here! All our family
    who have visited St. John proudly wear Sloop’s art-wear. And,
    in March 2020 we will bring two more family members out to
    Sloop’s to enjoy the experience AND shop!,

  2. So happy to hear Sloop is up and running.Many great memories over the years and wonderful visits with Barbara.
    Good luck and God Bless, Terry.


  3. Great news. We have known Terry for 9 years and have taken his class! We are so happy for you. When I saw the condition of his studio in November, I had no idea how long it would take to be operational! Peace!
    Dave & Jenny

  4. Was disappointed that he no longer brings his things to the Westin. But did get out to the shop and was able to pick up a few new pieces. So glad he is back doing is unique clothing.

  5. Lucky to call Terry a friend for over 20 years. He’s the first person my husband, Rick, and I worried about as Irma sat over St. John 21 months ago. Own many beautiful pieces of Sloop Jones art – it makes you smile. Also brought a group of a dozen friends to one of his art classes. SO much fun!! Just visited Terry a few weeks ago and thrilled to see how things have progressed since visiting him last year. Great knowing he is once again creating his magic under a palm tree on the shores of beautiful St. John. ❤️❤️

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