Sign Warn Drivers About Deteriorating Conditions

Deteriorating RoadCenterline Road near Coral Bay continues to deteriorate and yesterday’s rains didn’t help much. While it doesn’t appear that repairs are going to begin anytime soon, the public is now being warned of the potential hazard via an electronic sign.

If you think the sign looks familiar, it’s probably because it is. It’s the same one that popped up recently over near Mongoose Junction, welcoming visitors to the national park.

The sign not only serves as a warning, but it also thanks passersby for visiting Coral Bay and invites them back.

slow down

one lane road ahead

Road Damaged/Weakened Sign

Please Come Again Soon

9 thoughts on “Sign Warn Drivers About Deteriorating Conditions”

  1. Well, if nothing else, the sign is very polite.

    You would think the rapidly deteriorating condition of a major road would warrant an expedited repair process. I know this is all on Island time but it should not take a fatality to get emergency funds allocated.

  2. I agree. Tourism has to be the #1 employer in STJ. They need to get that road fixed before someone gets hurt and the word gets out that STJ is not a safe place to go.

  3. A sign is not OK!A repair to the road which All people use!-Medical,Fire,school buses,- This is NOT acceptable! we pay taxes but get NO services and with the upcoming Hurricane season- this is outrageous!

  4. If we are staying in Coral Bay for a week and the road goes out, how will we get to our rental and how will we leave?

  5. I truly hope that this situation is addressed sooner rather than later … like before hurricane season gets into full swing – what a mess! Would contacting the Governor’s office help at all?

  6. @Colin – Centerline isn’t the only road into Coral Bay; however it is the only fully paved road. Route 108 goes from Chateau Bordeaux into Coral Bay, but it is not entirely paved. There are some rough sections, but the road is definitely passable. So do not worry, if something should happen (and I doubt the whole road will wash out), you will be fine.

  7. Very sad to hear about the deteriorating roads. I was on the Pizzagalli Construction crew that perfromed the original roadway repairs to Centerline Road in the early 1970’s. I sounds as if the conditions now are very similar to then – heavy rains and washed out side slopes. Can’t tell the exact location from the photo, but it appears on the portion of the road close to Coral Bay.
    I trust – and hope – the damage is repairable.

  8. How can we help? It sounds like St. John does not have the immediate funds available to fix the problem. Could individuals like myself who treasure St. John and the island culture come together and start a fundraiser to help?

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