Shaibu’s Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay!

Shaibu’s Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay!

I have some news today that I am VERY excited to share with you all! You may be familiar with the beautiful courtyard nestled away in Cruz Bay that was once home to Rhumb Lines before they switched locations and moved to Coral Bay. You may also be familiar with Shaibu’s Gourmet Grab and Go in the Marketplace…A small space tucked behind St. John Hardware that offers quick, healthy and delicious lunch and fresh juices to go with an emphasis on local product and flavors. Well, those two worlds collided last week into an amazingly renovated space and global concept dining experience that you won’t want to miss on your next trip down!

Chef Shaibu Abdulai and his lovely wife, Julie, are opening an incredible new restaurant in the heart of Cruz Bay this week!

Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 1

Shaibu,who is originally from Ghana, brings to the table (literally) a Culinary Institute of America education and a vault of experience with chefs from all over the globe and years of expert catering in the Caribbean. Julie was the Front of House manager at Morgan’s Mango for YEARS. And has been the operational mastermind behind Chef Shaibu’s catering, Gourmet Grab and Go and Garden Oasis concepts.

Shaibu’s Garden Oasis will feature a rotating menu of “local cuisine with a global flare” using only the freshest ingredients from nearby fishermen and farms and organically sourced ingredients from local purveyors.

Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 2
Blackened Mahi Mahi
Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 3
Grilled Pork Chop with Kelewele (African Spiced Plantain)

He plans to incorporate fish from St. Croix and will be working closely with VI based farmers to source his produce. He mentioned that he has found a resource for organic proteins as well and will be incorporating those into the ever changing menu as well.

Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 4
Sweet Potato and Coconut Bambara Bowl


Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 5
The Oasis Roll
Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 6
Sushi options have been very limited on St. John…until now!

In addition to the traditional warm spiced flavors of the Caribbean and Africa, Chef Shaibu will incorporate many Asian, specifically Korean, profiles into the meals, as well as many other global influences.

He intends to sometimes present two concepts on one plate, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy local flavors and those of a different region in the same dish. He has, on staff, a seasoned pastry chef and sushi chef and has high hopes for his dream team in the kitchen!

Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 7
Gluten and Dairy free options galore! For example, this vegan and gluten free chocolate cake with homemade coconut lime ice cream!
Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 8
Passion Fruit Tart

Their cocktail list is bright and fun and features the an array of spirits mingled with local flavors of hibiscus, lemongrass, tamarind and mango kombucha. The wine list is small but offers a great variety of flavor profiles. All with a modest price tag.

Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 9
To pair with the amazing food selection, try a fun, fresh and bright hand crafted cocktail!

Having worked at Rhumb Lines for a moment in time (alright, I spent MANY a brunches there on the other side of the bar as well LOL), I couldn’t believe the transformation to the space when I walked in. Beautiful planters and decor with an African flare and influence pop all around the courtyard and behind the bar.

Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 10

I could just picture the space bustling with happy diners.

Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 11

“Our goal is to create an oasis in the center of Cruz Bay,” said Julie. Once you enter the space from the center of town, you’ll find a quiet space to enjoy a fine dining experience.

Chef Shaibu and Julie aim to please the community and will be listening to diners about their favorites and preferred items they may need to keep static on the otherwise rotating menu of fine, globally inspired cuisine.

The symbol of a bird that is incorporated in their logo and also predominantly featured on the back wall of the dining area is an African Adinkra symbol called the “Sankofa.” The meaning behind this is to learn from the past or “look to the past to go forward to the future.” I would say, that with the combined experience of this restaurant power couple, the future will be bright.

Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 12

Shaibu’s Garden Oasis is currently open for dinner service Monday-Saturday from 5:30-9PM. The new entrance to the courtyard restaurant is located to the left of Cruz Bay Landing, just off the ferry. For more information go to their website or call 340-776-7424 to reserve a table!

7 thoughts on “Shaibu’s Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay!”

  1. We ordered sushi takeout it was beautifully prepared and delicious.
    Because of how safe the open air dining area appeared and the fact that they are at 50% capacity so there’s plenty of room between tables we decided to eat out for the first time in many months We were very well cared for by a pleasant , friendly staff. We had poached pear salad with gorgonzola cheese before some exceptional vegetarian dishes.
    The chocolate cake with chocolate ganache alone was worth the trip.
    Five stars!

  2. Not on island this year. Reading this we wish we were. So pleased there will be vegan, vegetarian and gluten free items on the menu. Will see you later this year or next. Best to you Julie and Shaibu.

  3. I may have to come back down early just to have dinner here. I absolutely loved his small shop by the hardware shop. His ingredients were always fresh and the flavors….delicious!

  4. We’re currently on the island, and have been to Shaibu’s twice now. Great food, generous portions and friendly service. The jerk chicken (a half chicken’s worth) is the best I’ve had anywhere. We’ve had a couple sushi rolls as appetizers, and they’re spot on as well. Give it a try when you’re here. You won’t be disappointed!

  5. I ate here this week- what a delightful new restaurant on STJ! Food, service & ambiance were all a delightful experience!! I cannot what to return!

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