Shade Coming to Maho Bay!

Maho Jan 28 2019 Chairs Umbrella

Hello everyone and happy Saturday! Today’s “news” is short and sweet, but great! Shade is finally coming to Maho Bay! How great is that??!

The Virgin Islands National Park just released sketches of the three new pavilions which will be constructed at the west side of the beach. (For all of my turtle lovers out there, they tend to stick to the east side of the beach.) These pavilions are replacements for the ones we lost during Hurricane Irma.

Three Maho Pavillions sketchesMaho Pavillions

This is just one more step to a return to normalcy for those of us living on island. These pavilions are often used for birthday parties, baby showers, and other life events.

Constructions is expected to begin Monday and should be completed in about three months. Parking may be problematic during the construction period, so please plan your Maho trip accordingly.

8 thoughts on “Shade Coming to Maho Bay!”

  1. Jenn – Great news for sure!!!! But we are still packing our parachute blanket for sun protection for now And maybe someday Frances will have some too? Know if this project is something volunteers can help with?

  2. Jim and I just returned from another wonderful trip to STJ … and I am so happy to say the island is looking better than ever!! There is an increased amount of natural shade at Maho and with the new pavilion construction started, that will only improve. I must also say that this is our 4th trip in the last couple years – and the island is bustling!! If you don’t have a trip planned yet …. the island is ready to welcome you back! Help the recovery continue and put your valuable tourist dollars to work … you’ll be sooo glad you did!!

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