Save Patrick’s

OK, I slept on it last night.  I think Patrick should be allowed to stay in the Cruz Bay parking lot, where he’s been almost 30 years.

Patrick is a part of St. John.  Who has not told friends about this mobile van which never moves.  Which soaks up valuable parking spaces.  Which attracts people all hours of the afternoon and night, some of them even drinking beer (!).  Find me a tourist who hasn’t taken a picture of Patrick’s. Sure, some people might say it’s an eye sore.  But it’s the island’s eye sore.

You might say the same thing about the guy who wanders around town with a Heineken, while behind his back people say he owns lots of commercial land downtown. Or the guys slapping dominoes loudly and often violently on the bandstand.  Or people spilling out of Woody’s onto the road.

Nope, none of this is neat and clean and tidy – like the people who have built McMansions might like to see.  Such sights might not be what their visiting guests would find "acceptable." Boo hoo.  They don;t like it, they can go to Miami Beach, with 24/7 a.c. and its oh-so-sanitary surroundings

Get over it. It’s St. John. 

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5 thoughts on “Save Patrick’s”

  1. You go Frank. Dockside Pub was considered an eyesore too. That too was part of St.John and is now gone forever.If the parking is the issue,I would rather walk to town than have Patrick kicked out. There, I just freed up one of the spaces for him.

  2. The beauty of St. John is not only in the beaches and pristine water but the local St. John people and culture. It is unfortunate that the rich are overtaking the island saying it is their paradise. The paradise belongs to the people who call the island their home and make their business. Leave Patrick alone!

  3. Sorry, Frank
    I didn’t hear anyone shouting to let the St. John Car Rental stay when we had been on Port Authority land for over 24 years (Patrick came after us) and was told to leave. And we paid top price for the spot we were on….while Patrick has been subsidized for all these years. Patrick started with one spot and slowly expanded….taking up precious parking spots THAT HE DIDN’T PAY FOR! We had a month to month spot. He has a month to month spot. We were told to leave. We left. I don’t think this argument should have been over whether he is an eyesore or not, quaint or not. He does not have a lease and when Port Authority tells you to leave, you leave. Unless there are different rules operating for different people. Is that what is happening here?

  4. Hi, People of St Jan, I’m four years new to your Island. Here is my thoughts on the eye sores of St. Jan, The cancer growing in Cruz Bay, you call it Grande Bay Estates,The tree seedlings growing in the foundation ruins of Reef Bay(the picnic table & out house too!!!). The beverage cans,bottles,and or plastic cups flung on the ground.
    Sorry Patrick your not on my list.

  5. I have been reading the news paper and blogs from St.John now for about three months.Is anyone who lives there content and happy?From all the news and talk coming out of St.John it sounds like most people living in a little spot of paradise are miserable.I pray that’s not the case.We are all on this world just for a short time.How about loving your neihbor as you love yourself.It makes for a much better way to live.Be kind to each other,God has blessed all of you with a beautiful place to live.

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