SOS – Save our Shela

Shela's Pot is out of business.

Photo of Shela's courtesy of Cristalle, whose Flickr feed can be found here.

For years Shela's Pot been dishing out huge helpings of barbecued chicken, oxtail, conch, and stew mutton.  Her fully loaded styrofoam boxes include potato salad, mac & cheese, peas, and rice.  Prices start at $10 for the barbecue, go as high as $20 for the Whelk.  Each is more than enough for two people.

Shela is no longer at her spot behind the bandstand because Cruz Bay Park is closed for several months while the long-awaited renovation happens.  The park is now fenced off – off limits to sightseers, wanderers, loiterers, locals sell hand-made crafts. t-shirts, copper bracelets, and hot sauces.

And Shela's Pot is part of the collateral damage, according to Bob Malacarne, a long time island resident.  He posted a comment to this Web site saying "I just found out that Shela is being thrown out of the park in Cruz Bay. She has been selling her fantastic food for nearly 32 years in that location. We need to get a petition going to stop the government from throwing Shela out of the park. Please contact me if you are interested in this effort. E-mail me at [email protected]."

Malacarne said Gov. John de Jongh is expected on island Monday. "We are forming a group to 'greet' the Governor.  We have a petition going around and will present it to him then."

Folks love ShelaTripAdvisor rates her's the fourth best restaurant (among 24) in all of Cruz Bay. "Fantastic authentic Caribbean lunch," said one revewer in a few weeks ago. "Shela's Lobster and Curry Chicken A+. Bring an appetite as the sides go a long way."

6 thoughts on “SOS – Save our Shela”

  1. I’m willing to join in the protest, from NY state. Just say the word, and we’ll voice our opinions. We plan onvisiting Miss Shela in the next couple of months. What can we do from here?

  2. I am a yearly visitor to STJ since ’94. Miss Shela’s food is delicious, her laugh is contagious. Please do not shut her down!

  3. 32 years and now they want to push her out? What happened to human kindness, and common sense? People like her are what makes St John what it is!

  4. Improvements are necessary but personal freedoms must be protected. This is a perfect example of government running over the little guy because they can. This is a local example of the attitudes being fostered by the current administration on the Federal level-big government at all costs.

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